Monday, November 16, 2015

Oh what fun it is in the packing peanuts?

A large box filled with packing peanuts arrived and I took out the contents.  I then asked Jackson to take it to the recycling for me.  He begged me to please let them play in the peanuts.  My better judgement said to say no but for once, I wanted to be the "fun parent" so I made a deal.  You have 30 minutes to play in them all you want.  Spread them all over the floor but after 30 minutes you have to promise to clean up every single little morsel no matter how long that takes.  He took the deal and he dove right in.  Literally, he dove into the peanuts head first!  His little shadow wanted her turn in them too so we let her have a little romp in the box as well.  I laughed at how no one was interested as to what was IN the box as much as the box and peanuts it contained.  Funny how kids are like that!   

She thoght she was super cool doing what Jackson did.  She also liked them "raining" on her.

Jackson and Lincoln both had to head dive into the box like an ostrich with their head in the sand.  

Then they proceeded to dump the entire box out and make "packing peanut angels".  This is what happens when your kids have seen snow before but not in 3-5 years!  Haha!  It's the Texas-no-snow syndrome!  

Just before the timer went off, the neighbor boy walked in.  He got about 5 minutes of fun before they recruited him into helping clean up.  It took them at least 30 minutes of cleaning to pick it all up but they did it.  It was one of those "let it go" moments for mom and hopefully a lifetime of memories for them.

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