Wednesday, January 13, 2016

25 days of Christmas dresses

First you have the days of Christmas song, next you have ABC's 25 days of Christmas movies and THEN you get to the holy grail of Christmas celebrations.  You celebrate 25 days of Christmas dresses!    I don't know if you're currently aware of my love of all things Christmas.  I mean I'm the girl that put my tree up before Halloween and wasn't ready to take it down after New Years.  So my love for Christmas extends well into Lillian's wardrobe.  We had quite a collection of Christmas attire, so much so that we were able to cover nearly every day leading up to Christmas with a new dress!  It was a wonderful parade of reds and greens and I love each and every one!   Some are Christmas specific and some only fall into the Christmas color scheme.  You can be sure there is a bow to match each one!  

She loves her baby cousin Wyatt and we loved being in Nashville with them!

This was possibly HER favorite Christmas dress!  She wasn't as into the dresses as her momma but she looked cute even in this one!  I think she was just highlighting our special handmade stockings! 

The brothers sure are cute!  They just don't want to participate in the Christmas clothing parade!

Even a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese is a reason to don a Christmas dress for display!

An afternoon at the park?  A Christmas dress to correspond with that too!

My peppermint striped girl and her tutu!  

We immensely enjoyed the warm weather during the Christmas season. There were many afternoons spent outside!

You guessed it!  Even our Pajamas were Christmas!  Lillian would say that "Ho-Ho" was on her nightgown.

This little tree dress was my sisters when she was little.  It's precious and vintage and special because mom made it for us!

If you're going to touch the elves, you're at least wearing a cute Christmas night gown!

Even Mickey Mouse gets in on the Christmas action!

She was the MOST fun this Christmas!  Just a pure Christmas joy!

And an angel!  We forgot about a total angel!

And so ends the 25 days of Christmas dresses until next years month long parade!  

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