Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Turning 5...again

We were on a plane for Thanksgiving and Jackson spent half the flight annoying me to watch something on my phone.  I finally told him that he could watch it if he would do various outrageous things and he balked at all of them.  Until I suggested that he NOT grow up!  His birthday was coming up soon and I had been lamenting about him hitting double digits.  I decided that if he would agree to only turning 5 on his birthday that we would have a deal.  He agreed.  And from then on, I would only acknowledge him turning 5 on Dec 15th.  I got a cake, I used 5 candles and he even managed to get a couple of 5th birthday cards.  He didn't think I'd follow through with it and he laughed when I showed him the cake we got for his family dinner party!

I even took 5 boys out for a party!  After school one day I took Jackson and 3 friends to ice skate and get burgers.  We got to the ice rink and realized it didn't open for another hour!  It's Christmas time near the mall, it's also opening weekend for star wars movie!  It was SO crowded but we treked over to the mall to waste an hour before skating.  I knew the pet store and Lego store could easily kill an hour and we could go skate as planned.  

It's like bringing a petting zoo to the party!  Who doesn't like puppies?

Putting ice skates on 5 boys proved to be quite a task!  I'm happy I didn't have a little Lady with me to chase around while I was tying shoes!

He loves ice skating and he is actually pretty good at it!  

We took them to Jerry Built burgers for dinner and birthday cookies!  They had fun writing on the chalkboard wall there!

I think they had a good time and he decided turning 5 a second time wasn't half bad! ;)

Oh, and Jason had to give him the obligatory birthday spankings! 
And yes! 
 He got 10 of those!

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