Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime

Christmas Eve photos get a little bit harder to make each year.  Partially because the sheer number of them but also because the boys aren't really that into it!  They do it for me and they do it for their sister.  I'm lucky they play along mostly!  It's really cute when your oldest can read The Night Before Christmas to your younger ones and read it with as much dialect as you could!  He's a pretty neat big brother!
 But our little silly can always seem to evoke a smile!

Kisses are the perfect  prize for reading her a great "Ho-Ho" book!
"Ho-Ho" or Santa was really good to these kids!   They got lots of fun toys to play with and unwrap.  That minnie has become her shadow and she drags it everywhere!
The boys got SET-UP in the camping category!  Everything they need to head out on a camping adventure with their dad.  Lil and I will stay home and make sure to keep the showers running properly!

Chritmas morning starts out with a couple of sleepy heads!

But this little fireball is the opposite of sleepy!  She thinks this tent in the living room is all for her.  She hasn't even gotten started on her own gifts yet!

Now THAT's more like it!  Bitty Baby for my sweet American Girl!
Mommy got something special too!  I got our blog book printed for the year and wrapped it up for under the tree!  It was a great gift to read all the sweet memories of my little munchkins!
That wasn't the only baby Lillian got!  This one has her name on it and there may or may not have been a couple more!   We're in the babies!!
Minnie mouse makes every move she does for a while. Its funny to see her beside a stuffed animal the size of her!

It wasn't long before our fancy Christmas breakfast commenced. It always starts with mimosas.  This year I spiced up my mimosas with a little blood orange liquor!  It was a winner!

I also made Nutella French Toast.  It wasn't good.  At all.

You don't believe me either, do you?
It was so so delicious!

Stockings are always exciting in our house.  You never know if you'll get tickets for sky diving or socks and underwear and some lucky years, you get BOTH!

This little mommy is fierce in the car of her babies.  Her new stroller was deemed the outdoor stroller and she took it literally.  She took those babies on a walk, er run? as soon as she got a chance!

Jacksy keeps his best brother award while riding her around one their new 360 scooter!

And there it is!  It's 2pm on Christmas and it hit 84 degrees.  It was so hot we didn't even stay out very long at a time.  We wore shorts and flip flops to play and forget the hot chocolate, we needed mojitos by dinner time!

Only in Texas can you have a hotter Christmas day than any other major holiday including some 4th of July's!  
We all broke out into a chorus of "I'm dreaming of a HOT Christmas!"

It was simply a wonderful Christmas-time!

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