Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mission accomplished but the race is STILL on!

I am proud to say I accomplished my goal. What seemed unthinkable 5 weeks ago is now complete. I ran the Helen Keller 5 mile race and I completed it in a record time (for me) of 57 minutes. I jokingly said I won in the "I just had a baby and I'm breastfeeding" category. I had a small cheering team of mostly family but it always feels good to cross the finish line and see a familiar face. I think Jackson was really proud! He said "mommy, why are you so wet?"
Running in June and July in the Alabama humidity can be trying but I'm not done here. There are at least 2 more races around here that I fully intend on running. They are 5Ks and I hope to work on improving my time there. I have heard road racing is addictive and I think that may be true. Just keep in mind, when I say I'm racing, I'm ONLY racing against myself. I'm never going to rock a 7 or 8 minute mile. I'd be happy to just be able to keep up with Jason when he gets back home.
And lastly, I think all this running shows the boys that it's fun and cool to be active and stay fit.
Pictured with me are my cousins Kelly and Drew. We're considering a 13.1 sometime in the fall/spring...anyone want to join us?


  1. Snazzy shoes I see there!

    You are going to get some great use out of that double jogger back home! And if Lincoln doesn't like it, you can swap him for Caroline and REALLY get a workout!

    And also, I feel really lazy now. You are inspiring me to get out and moving again after this 2 week hiatus!

  2. Good Job Jamie!! You look great and truly inspire so many!! I do hear it is addictive so good luck :)

  3. I wanna run the WC. Handy with you. I need you to help me get the forms. Tomorrow? Ill come and we can check it out. I want to do the other too, whatever that one is called. We will check them tomorrow.