Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blog, blog, blog

Status Report

Life has been busy, yet uneventful at the deFoor house. We are in the midst of this year long deployment where all conversations are "What are you doing?" "Nothing, what are you doing?" "Nothing." Yes we are inching closer to R&R but the days are long and seem to be dragging. Not as much so as they will be in Feb. and March I know! This "status report" is blog-lifted right off of my good friend Mari's page. She is to whom I credit my inspiration to blog. my permanent fixture the kitchen table with my husband's replacement (a red hot laptop computer) Some friends and I considered making an ellipitical machine that you can somehow attach your computer to the front so that I could spend all this time on here while also working my buns!

Drinking...the last of my Diet Dr. Pepper from Dinner. It can sometimes curb the cravings for dessert. And sometimes NOT.

Noting... my ever-growing to do list. The grocery list, the sites to look up, the jackson-isms to blog about. And the fact that every night I say once I get the house cleaned up, I'm going to work on my scrapbooks that are currently taking over my once fancy dining room and never seeming to do it before the clock strikes midnight.

Weighing...physically UGH, do I really have to go there?
Literally, whether or not we should book a character breakfast at Disney in October and if so, which one?

Tired...of HIM being gone. I can't even begin to describe how tired I am of my best friend living half-way around the globe.

Thinking...about our busy week ahead. I enjoy the "fast pace" of life around here and how something always seems to find a way to fill my evenings. I'm so thankful for the neighborhood I live in and the girls that are always willing to keep me company!

Wondering...if I should try to wake Jackson to go to the bathroom. He cries at night to not wear a pull-up but when we've tried the no pull-up in the past, he's woken up wet, changed clothes, gone back to sleep and STILL woken up wet again in the morning. To wake or not to wake? That is the question.

Reading...Beth Moore's bible study: Esther, It's tough being a woman. It seems like it's going to be an awesome bible study and I'm going through it with my MOPS moms at church.

Recently finished... a slice of curried Nan (Trader Joe's flat bread) and a cup of Campbell's Soup at Hand-chicken and stars. It's pretty good and only 70 calories. I may forget how to cook all together.

Also wondering...if it's possible for a mom to squeeze in a child-free run this week. It's my best form of stress relief.

Needing... to get the groceries on the list. Also to hang the mounds of clothes in the kids rooms. That's a testiment to a mom who is somewhat addicted to kids clothing!

Not liking...that nearly every function I attend somewhere between 70-90% of my friends husbands are currently deployed. I always wonder, where does that leave the safety of OUR nation?

Feeling silly... for ALWAYS staying up too late. Also, for getting so stressed out about my crying 3 month old. He is obviously perfect in every way as he lay in his little bassinet quietly whimpering from his 2 hour crying bout this evening. Why do I always want to pick him up and squeeze him right about now?

Ok, more to come in the life of deFoors (at least the ones on this continent.)
Stay tuned!


  1. I'll watch the kiddos this morning! Or another morning while you run. Gabe has to work every morning anyways.

  2. Jamie, you are so fantastic! It is hard. ANd about the to wake or not to wake? Totally wake! Brielle still has to be taken to pee every night about 11 or 12 or it could be a wet one (or 2). The good news is that I really think onc eshe was over 4 she was better about not drinking so much before bedtime, therefore less sheet changes. ANd that may be my motivation....I hate to change sheets, so I always take her to pee. She usually goes right back to bed.