Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Jackson has become quite a hunter around our house. He regularly shoots bad guys, dogs, cats and good guys (when he IS the bad guy). Deer and rabits don't have a chance around these parts. Sometimes he chooses the rifle, sometimes the pistol and sometimes it's buzz light years laser gun. As of late, he's even used a large plastic dagger to cut me when I don't please him. No matter what the weapon of choice, Jackson is learning to live up to his role as man of the house!

I recently went into Jackson's room to check on him at his nightly request. Little does he know I've been checking on him every night of his life before I go to bed. This is how he was sleeping when I checked on him.


  1. The entire time I was reading this Bon Jovi was singing in my head. :)

    Can I just HAVE Jackson? You're a baby machine ... you can make more!!!

  2. Precious! He wore his little self out shooting all those big guys protecting him momma and his lil bro!