Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cry me a River

We've all at some point cried ourselves to sleep for one reason or another. It may have been for a good reason or (when you're pregnant) for no reason at all. I can say I've never heard of crying your brother to sleep but Lincoln somehow managed to do so! Lincoln has decided the car is for crying. He doesn't yet understand that we live 30 minutes from ANYWHERE and this momma likes to travel. He and I will surely have to come to an understanding but for now we are at a standoff. I travel, he cries. He cries from our house to post, church, shopping and all the way home. For Lincoln, there is no consoling. You can stop the car and get him out but the minute you think you are going to place his precious bottom back into that carseat, the floodgates are once again opened. I've used tricky tactics such as turning the radio up so that it drowns him out but when you turn the Disney songs, or whatever is playing, back down it starts again. Oddly enough, Jackson doesn't seem to be bothered by his crying. He dilligetly tries to give him his paci but gives up when he sees he's getting no where. So right now it's Mom versus Lincoln in the car and I'm not sure who's winning the battle but I WILL win the war. I am a "stay at home mom" but the last thing this momma's going to do is stay home! I just might have to invest in some noise canceling headphones for the sake of my sanity and social life!
I might add that Jackson has recently decided that he's "too big for a nap" and it has led to him being in a state of exhaustion on busy days.


  1. OH maaaaaan, that sucks!!!

    Wish I had some advice, Zoe was a horrible car baby, there were times when I had to park in a parking lot, get out of the car and just take deep breaths because she had been screaming so long. That lasted until she was about 9 months old.
    Hopefully Linc eases up on you soon!!! Have you tried playing classical music? I do and it makes my kids 70% quieter in the car. True story!