Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baby, it's Cold Inside!

While some of our NC friends woke up to a foot of SNOW this morning, we woke up to a dreary, rainy day in Nashville. BUT, we were soon to be surrounded by ice, 2 million pounds of it! We visited the ICE display at the Opryland Hotel. This was part of the week long celebration of Jackson's birthday. He's one lucky kid! We had been warned that the lines were out of control so we precisely planned to be there at 9am when they opened. They give you these big long blue overcoats to put on OVER your regular coat because baby, it’s cold inside and I mean REALLY cold! It was Charlie Brown themed this year and the highlight was the ice slide. Jackson and I ran to it and rode down it in succession. We probably hit it 15 times before my bum was frozen and it was time to move on. The amount of ice and the things they were able to make from it were amazing. At the end of the attraction, there was a beautiful nativity as if it were frozen in time. There was a large angel over the display. The Christmas story was being narrated over the speakers. It was a great reminder for both me and Jackson that this is what Christmas is really all about. We walked out of there with cold noses and warm hearts!
Jackson really thought it was funny to be wearing a jacket on top of our jacket and especially one that wasn't ours.

The ICE SLIDE was the main attraction. Everyone had a turn. Dad thought he was too old to slide on the ice but Jackson told him otherwise.
Ice slide
Jackson just realized that he could see his own breath. It was then obvious that we live in a semi warm climate and when it's that cold out, we don't get out much. He told everyone around, "I can see my air!"

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

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