Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On this day

Four years ago, Jason and I gave birth to a perfect baby boy. After the perfect labor, at the perfect hospital, my perfect doctor delivered our perfect son! As you might have guessed, he had 10 perfect fingers and 10 perfect toes. Our parental journey began and we have never looked back. On that day, we were introduced to a whole new level of love that can never be replaced. I am still humbled that God would entrust us with such a precious gift to call our own and raise in His image. Of course there are days that perfect boy is a little less than perfect. There are days that he TRIES to make me crazy and thinks it's funny when I yell. There are days when his likeness to his daddy makes his absence seem better and worse at the same time. It's like having a mini version of Jason to live with everyday but also I must face this mini-me and play the role of both mommy and daddy and just HOPE I'm doing a sufficient job until that glorious day finally comes.
This morning, Jackson woke me up and said, (whispering) "Mom, it's my special day!" to which I wished him a Happy Birthday. I have to admit, it's a special day for both of us. Four years ago today, we brought a new life into this world and our lives will never be the same again.


  1. Happy birthday, Jackson! Hope you are enjoying your special day!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Jackson!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to my little buddy and first-born son. I love you Jackson. I miss you more than you can ever know. I miss you too Jamie. Love you both, Jason