Sunday, December 6, 2009

Paper...It's what's for dinner

Gone are the days that I can place Lincoln in the floor, turn my back and expect him to still be there.
Gone are the days that I can choose the toy he will occupy the next 5 minutes with.
Gone is the time that I can overlook Jackson's legos in the floor or a slip of paper, kleenex or a hairball for that matter.
Lincoln is on the move in a BIG way and just as his brother did, toys are NOT on his radar. Shoes, phones, remotes and small objects however ARE on his radar. He is fascinated by all things non-toy. Today he actually chased an empty milk jug around the living room floor.
I attempted to clean up my mess of a dining room and pack my scrapbooking items in the car at the same time. He was playing quietly in the dining room on the rug...a little TOO quietly for little Linc. When I returned from taking a load to the car, I find him with a mouthful of green paper, chewing as if it were kudzu. Oh what a sign of things to come.
We embark tomorrow on a 12 hour journey to Alabama. When we return to this house he will be moving those hands and knees at lightening speeds and will be like a little mini-dyson for absorbing the things I have overlooked in the carpets.
Jackson will have to learn the hard lesson of baby-proofing if he values those lego sets Santa is scheduled to bring at months end. He'll be a one baby destruction team.
Oh yes, gone are the days of indulging in daytime facebook or blogging. Those will now be strictly naptime activities. If you suddenly see a decline in activity, I'll be chasing a baby who is discovering what is and what's NOT for dinner!

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  1. Is he crawling?! He has changed so much and seems to be a happier baby :). YEAH! Can't wait to catch up...i'd also love a mommy night out!!