Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"My special day"-a 4 year old's photo journal

This is the photo journal from Jackson's 4th birthday. He had waited for this day all year proclaiming it was his special day. We spent the day in Dothan with my sister Tracie.
Shouldn't everyone's birthday begin with a spin on the carousel?

Hey, wait a minute, where does the big guy think he's going? I guess he's gotta eat more chicken!

Now we're on to Kidz Castle, a lower budget Alabama version of Chuck E Cheese. Jackson thought the place was just grande!

Jackson and Lincoln are my little space cadets! He said they were going to the planet that was hot and cold with the rings around it. You know "sat-on" (saturn!)
Just because I'm 30 doesn't mean I can't have a little fun too, right?
And finally we have arrived! The pinnacle of the day ends with germy kids games and over-priced pizza and a giant mouse.

Linc used Aunt Tracie's new sink as a bathtub. See Tracie, there's nothing to this "MOM" stuff. Get busy! (I want a niece to spoil)
A final trip to Toys R Us yielded the grande gift of a Batman Batcave complete with Joker, Robin and Penguin. It also scored Santa some much needed star wars stuff that he had been putting off.
Uncle Wyatt's just happy to finally have all the pieces out of the box. I think he's going to seriously look into that "stress free packaging" option that amazon has after the effort it took to get this thing free of the box.

The birthday boy at the end of HIS SPECIAL DAY!

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