Sunday, March 7, 2010

48 hour days

How do you spend days that must last 48 hours? While most people wish there were a few more hours in the day, I do not. No, I would like to see a few less hours each day. I'd be willing to cut them in half right now, keeping the sleeping half of course! In an attempt to stay sane, we've been engaging in some scientific experiments and various other activities to ward off the cabin fever of this COLD COLD winter. If success is measured by no crying or serious meltdowns, then we failed miserably but otherwise, it has been least for a moment.

Grow Sea Monkeys. This was a Christmas gift and our 1st attempt at rearing Sea Monkeys. We purified the water, hatched the eggs and it became quite a highlight in our house to check on the sea monkeys. The best part was turning the flashlight on them to see them well. While viewing the sea monkeys on about day 10, Jackson stood on his stool to seem them and lost balance. He toppled over and the sea monkey aquarium went over his head and onto my carpet. I stood in disbelief as he yelled in serious painful remorse..."Oh, no! My sea monkeys, MOM, save them!" Well, there was NO saving the sea monkeys from the depths of the carpet so I had to comfort him and explain that we would have to begin again. He asked me if they had gone to sea monkey heaven. I told him yes, of course they did and he then asked me if there were other sea monkeys there. Yes, yes, son there are millions of sea monkeys in sea monkey heaven! On to sea monkeys round 2.

Become a doughnut maker! Thank goodness this is only pretend! Mom's hips couldn't handle doughnuts on top of all the chocolate chip cookie dough she's been eating after kids go to bed.

Teach your 9 month old brother that there is only one football team that dad is going to find acceptable in this household. That would be Alabama football. Learn this early to be on dad's "best friend" team.

Grow a garden in a bag. Living in NC for the last 7 years has taught me a few things and one of them is just when you think Winter is over and there is no more frosts and Lowes has everyone around you convinced it's the perfect time to buy and plant things...DON'T DO IT! March is still cold here and April WILL inevitably end up with at least one frost. May is the appropriate time to plant things without old man winter going out with a bang. It took a few failed attempts but I learned my lesson. So, we planted nasturtium in a bag and discussed how the plant will daily turn it's leaves toward the sun. Did you know the flowers of this plant are actually edible?

Make mom a fancy Lego car. Complete with all the girly accessories. This car sports all the flowers found in the Lego box. His Lego creations are getting quite elaborate these days. He's a man after my own heart either building helicopters or cruise ships!

Or fix mom's fancy Lego car, or whine about how the legos won't stay together, or throw a full on fit because you can't get it back together the right way leading to a break time from the legos.

We attempted to root a slimacado. Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like, there is a larger avocado type fruit grown in Florida that mimics the avocado with about 30% less fat. It taste just the same to me and so we thought we'd be crafty and try to root the seed. No luck on this one. All I got was alot of questions about why the seed was so big.

This was Round 2 in the sea monkey business. These have fared much better than their previous counterparts. They are lively and remind me of swimming millipedes. I'll admit, I have found them interesting to watch. I just try not to think about the ones swimming in the carpet!

Impress all the neighborhood girls with your newly built volcano kit! It was a neighborhood showing of the deFoor volcano on 116 Leggett. Eruption was right before dinner and no one was injured. But the kids were amazed. It has since erupted about every other day and some casualties have included, CPT Hook and batman but they were brave in their choice to take on the volcano.

GO Shopping! Coupon mom here has been bargain shopping again. This time I scored at CVS with a total bill of around $21 for all this! Notice the 2 large boxes of diapers which each retail for around $20 each.

Help arrives on Tuesday in the form of my daddy. We pick him up in Raleigh at 1125 and no, I'm not counting down the minutes...ok, I admit it...I totally am! I have lots of things planned while he's here. The first one begin RUN...I'm going to RUN away! And do a little running on my own. He'll be here 10 glorious days to play legos and volcanoes, cars and pirate ships. I'm hoping to catch a nap or two, after getting my hair and nails done of course!


  1. You are The Super Mom, Jamie! :) I love knowing that other moms find the same activities that I do with my kids as exciting as I do! The Lego comments made me laugh--my Jaxon has his meltdowns also when his Legos comes apart and he can't get them to stay together. Haha!
    And I am completely and totally 110% impressed with your coupon shopping abilities!! You scored some awesome deals!!

  2. Great job on CVS loot! I'm writing down all the science experiments you guys are doing. Impressive! Have a great, relaxing time when your dad is in town.

  3. Oh gosh, you're putting me to shame. I feel like I never do anything fun or crafty with the kids anymore. Can they come to your house? All I do is yell about cleaning up their crap because I have to sell the house.

    I would also like to say WOOHOO because in your bargain grabs I see some Gillette products.... that probably will NOT be mailed, right? Oh gosh, I can't wait to buy some man soap and put it in the bathroom!