Saturday, March 13, 2010

The last mile is the hardest

Sure, we're almost there. Yeah, what's another few weeks, it's already been a year. Yes, SO excited. (Can you hear the sarcasm?) Of course we're excited, but it's hard to understand unless you are smack at the end of this deployment and the end of your rope. That a month might as well be another year. The last 4 weeks will DRAG on for days on days that never end. Tomorrow, nighttime will officially NEVER come and I'll be ready to put my kids to bed at 5pm. So, excited yes, exhausted yes....
I often think back to this blog my friend Mari wrote about the last mile her marathon deployment and I'm beginning to relate in a bittersweet way. Why is it that the last mile is the hardest? Thankfully, my dad is here to absorb some of the extra time that has been added to our days. I'm still holding out hope for a sister visit before the final push as well. I know, for me anyway, the worst is yet to come in the waiting game. That final week I will celebrate homecomings of MANY others before I finally see my day come. I'm always happy to see them come home but alas I wait, rather impatiently for my turn at this finish line.
The silver lining...this is officially the LAST homecoming of this kind I will EVER experience. And there is NOTHING bittersweet about that.


  1. I will pray for strength, patience, and peace for you and your family during these last trying days. We can't wait to hear about happier times coming in your way in a VERY NEAR future!

  2. I forgot all about that post. But YES. I KNOW.

    The only thing that maybe will help: Get that sister of yours out here!!!!!

    We'll be here to sympathize with you for this last month! And to babysit while you get pedicures :)

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  4. Again, loathe the last month. It turns semi-normal people into whining,crying, whack jobs. LIKE ME!!!

  5. I'm sorry Jamie :( The last month is always the hardest.