Monday, March 29, 2010

Tik-Toc Ten on Tuesday

10.I watch the clock.

It moves SLOWLY.

Everyday, it seems to move even more slowly than the day before.

9. Every night for the past several days, I've spent my time reading "The Confessions of the Pioneer Woman" and it might or might not be as interesting as Twilight!

8. Sadly, I've also worn a self-made snuggie around the house because I got tired of being wrapped in a blanket when I could just wear it. (Hey, I've got no one to impress around here)

7. She's COMING! My sister arrives on Thursday and I could only be happier about ONE other arrival still a few weeks away.

6. Today, Mari and her family saved Jackson's sweet mouth from the wrath of being shut with duct tape. Man, I love that little talker but he NEVER STOPS talking!

5. At 10 months old, I still carry sweet Lincoln around in my Baby K'Tan carrier about 2-3 hours a day. It is the only way I can cook anything that resembles dinner in the evenings. Most days that's just mac and cheese but it still requires skills that the 4 year old doesn't yet possess. (Maybe I should get him a stool high enough to reach the microwave and then he could cook his own frozen dinners!)

4. Lincoln is also saying all the normal 10 month old baby things...He can wave haphazardly "Hi" and "Bye" and yell "Ma" and "Dada" but we're not sure he quite gets the latter just yet. Oh, and he definitely does it in the most southern accent possible. You know what they say... You can take the boy out of Alabama, but you'll never take the Alabama out of the boy!

3. We normally stay home on Monday's. I keep myself busy the rest of the days a week on purpose. I am a Stay at home Mom but I definitely DON'T stay home. Today got the best of me. Around 4pm, I got dressed and was about to make the terrible mistake of going to Walmart out of SHEER BOREDOM! Boy that would have cost Jason a pretty penny. Lucky for him, we got a txt invite for neighborhood playtime.

2. I admittedly started a blog out of pure peer pressure. Everyone else was doing it and I coveted their memories being kept in real time so last year almost exactly, I started one too. Now, I'm participating in "Ten on Tuesday" for the same peer pressure. I can admit, I'm not beneath it. I'm definitely a follower.

1. I long for the days when I have someone tugging me to go to bed at 930. To lay in bed and watch mindless TV. To have more noise in the house than the sounds of Roxy snoring on the couch. I can't wait for someone to beg me off this blame computer and talk to them instead. If my blog takes a hiatus in the month of'll all know why!

Yes, I posted this near midnight on Monday but hey, that's close enough and I TOLD you I was bored!


  1. The husband of one of my good friends here is coming home in a few weeks as well, and she's booked up her day full of things that make me tired just hearing about them, all day everyday until the big day. I think she might just fall out by the time he gets home. We're thinking about all of you!

  2. I will confirm the southern accent. Never knew a 10 month old could have CUTE!