Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All in a days work

Some days when we stay home or near home all day, I look around and wonder, what DID we do all day, I'm exhausted. Most people have been to meetings, filed reports, saw clients, patients or personnel. Some people have patrolled an area and been involved in life threatening situations. Others have spent the day on a plane going here or there. This is what we've done in the summertime life of a stay at home mom of two boys. It might not be the most important job in the world but to these two boys it is.

So far today I have:

-Ran 4 miles with my running partner

-Drank a cup of coffee without interruptions (who am I kidding, there were about 30 interruptions!)

-Fed breakfast for 3 and cleaned up afterward

-Changed 3 diapers (1 dirty one)

-dressed 3 people

-started, dried and folded 2 loads of laundry

-had a "lego party" (it's where you go to Jackson's room and build stuff with Lego's

-bought and loaded 2 songs on my ipod (you know, the one that mysteriously works and then doesn't)

-checked on Jackson's sunflowers (he insisted)

-printed 2 coupons

-packed a picnic lunch for the pool

-put one child down for a nap

-decided on what to cook for dinner

-cut and mailed a letter to my mom

-took the kids to the pool for 1.5 hours(which included undressing and re-dressing 3 people)

-answered numerous questions about an adult conversation over a 6 person drowning in LA

-took Jason's dry cleaning

-mowed the grass (admittedly we do have a riding mower)

-shared 2 VERY salty (sometimes you SHOULD follow the recipe) chocolate chip cookies

-had substantial help (Jackson) in watering the flowers in both the front and back yards

This is a little of what we did today BEFORE 1pm.

-oh, and wrote this blog!

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  1. Whew! That is more than most people with "real" jobs do all day!! Ah the life of a SAHM :)..miss ya'll!