Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the "not so perfect" picnic spot

This is what the Smith Family looks like right before an outdoor group shower. While in ATL we were visiting Stone Mountain and had picked the perfect (slightly wet from rain) spot for our picnic. We made a way to stay somewhat dry and began to watch the laser light show. We were equipped with glow sticks (dollar store) from head to toe and had some fabulous bacon and, well, bacon sandwiches. HA! We left the lettuce and tomato in the fridge at the condo. The laser show was as great as I had remembered from 25 years ago. Slightly more impressive I'm guessing at age 5 than 30 but nonetheless really cool. About the time we noticed a few raindrops, people started leaving by the droves. We all made a pact, we weren't scared of a little rain. This meant better seats and less traffic. Then Wyatt checked his good for nothing weather bug on his phone and noted "it's only going to get worse!." That was about 20 seconds before the lightening started, the thunder rolled and the bottom FELL OUT of the sky. It poured buckets and buckets of rain. There was NO sitting thorough this one, we might get washed away. We all gathered our things and held tight to the kids and started the mass exit to the car. It poured so hard, we could hardly see because of the rain running down our face, our hair was soaked, our clothes, ha, we were soaked to our undergarments. Wyatt and I tried desperately to shield our cell phones from the fierce weather. We had stopped running, there was no use, and started laughing about it. We walked through gushing rivers of flowing water. Someone yelled "wet T-shirt contest", everyone was IN! We all noted that showers were no longer necessary tonight, it was a group shower. We finally arrived at the car to count heads and attempt a slight dry off and wring our clothes out. We were down two. Daddy and Lincoln (stroller) were no where to be found. He calls and says he is lost and in the wrong parking lot. He is eventually found and we begin the long cold wet ride home. Jackson and Lincoln were lucky, they had dry clothes to don. The only thing funnier that a soaking wet family of 7 in an SUV is the 2 men sitting shirtless in the front as we drive on 75/85 and into downtown ATL. I'm pretty sure they got some looks, both FOR and against their shirtless choice!

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  1. I laughed out loud at the shirtless comment. I'm sure they were a big hit in ATL!