Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here we go round the Blueberry Bush

For the second time this week, we visited Steve and Cindy's blueberry farm. After hearing of several friends going picking, I wanted to go. Actually, I'd wanted to go picking the whole 8 years we've lived here but the only places I knew of were a little far away. I was excited to hear about one just a few miles from where we lived and word had it they had LOTS of berries!
It was SO true. The first of the week, Linc and I ventured out after our workout while Jackson was in school and picked about a pound. Lincoln was far more concerned with chasing the geese that inhabit the farm in the morning than the blueberries. I knew those few wouldn't last long and I also knew we'd be in big trouble for doing something so fun while Jackson was at school. We promptly made plans to come back on Saturday.

We managed to pick 5 pounds on Saturday. And even those didn't last over a week! We did freeze some, we made a blueberry pie and several smoothies. Jackson even came up with a new word while eating the blueberry pie. It is best served with vanilla ice cream so he deemed it "piescream". Now that is a dessert in our house. The blueberries are in season much later than they normally are and we are reaping the benefits. I thoroughly enjoyed eating the fresh blueberries. They are great right of the bush. I see a family tradition in the making!

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