Monday, September 20, 2010

Somebody call 9-1-1

Today, Jackson and I were discussing emergencies and calling 911. His daddy let him dial it with the phone turned off to practice. He told me today he wanted to call 911 and I told him we only do so if it is a real emergency. He said he wanted to do it with the phone off. It sparked a thought. Does he know what qualifies as a real emergency? So I asked him:
"Jackson, what would be an example of a reason to call 911?"

He says, "Monsters!"

I was already giggling while trying to explain that it is a very real outlet for emergencies.

I asked him if he could think of another example of an emergency.

He then says, "well, a fire(ok, good start) or if I was DEAD."

Ok, so we have some work to do on legitimate emergencies. He did clear up the fact that if he was dead, someone else would have to call 911 for him.

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