Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's March 1st!

1. It's March 1. The day we set for our house to be on the market. Is it? Well, no but it's in the works. I have the photos made and Jason's working on the rest of the details. Now we wait and hopefully not long for the house to sell (fingers crossed).

2. Last month I signed up for my first Half Marathon. I will run 13.1 miles in the Raleigh Rocks half on April 10. I've wanted to do one for a long time and after my 10 miler in November, I'm sure I can handle it!

3. Along the same lines, I decided to track my monthly mileage for February while training for the half. I was impressed even myself and I know how many mornings I got up at 5 to run. I totaled up 81 miles in just 28 days. But, 2 of those were my 7 and 8 mile training runs. Next up, 9 miler.

4. I'm having the carpets cleaned today and my house is in complete disarray. There is furniture everywhere we walk. At naptime today, i rocked Lincoln to sleep sitting in the rocker in the foyer watching tv through the columns.

5. There is a new park in the Linden Oaks community that is small and quaint and great for both Jackson and Lincoln. It has a cool zip line feature that Jackson is fond of. I would have made a picture but I was too busy looking up homes in Nashville on Craisglist. Oops.

*** I have COOL friends*** Not just any cool friends but the kind that set out to CHANGE the WORLD and actually do it. I would say it's because of the military but I hope I always have friends this cool. Lots of my friends are cool and change the world but two of them get the highlight in this weeks top 10.

6. Kryste is a friend from way back to our beginning in the Army. She's the "open her home to 100 kids and wives during a deployment so we can throw a pity party" kinda girl. They have 3 great kids who much to her dismay are JUST like her! With their BIG hearts, they have decided to share their love by adopting. But she doesn't do anything small. She's adopting a SIBLING GROUP of 2 or 3 children from Ethiopia. They have really worked hard to get these children home. Some of their family fundraisers have included yard sales, popcorn, lemonade and Ugandan necklaces made of old magazines. Well, now that they are "paper pregnant" they are fundraising again to bring their family home and this time it's an American Girl doll raffle. The details can be found HERE. Admit it, you won't even miss that Starbucks you sacrificed this week!

7. Kim is a new friend from our church. With our community, sometimes I find I know people several ways. She's a do it all kind of mom. Raising 2 boys, aspiring photographer and supporting a sometimes here, sometimes gone Army Man. Recently her and her husband were led by God into following him on a crazy adventure . They will be volunteering to fight for legal rights of children in Cambodia through International Justice Mission. They will be moving their family there this summer. They need your earnest prayers as they follow God on this journey. How cool are they?! You can read and follow Kim's family HERE Imagine how far just $20 of your tax return could go?

8. I'm HOT, then I'm COLD. I'm Yes! then I'm NO! The weather is wishy washy as usual in March. It's 88 one day and 50 the next. We go from heat to air already. Shorts to coats and back again. I'm more fond of the warmer weather. As long as I can still get my spray tan!

9. If you haven't tried the new Mini Reese's Cups in a bag...DON'T DO IT! They are addictive and they have a negative effect on your arse!

10. In 17 days, I'm going home to ALABAMA for the first time since November. People, this is a LONG time to my family. Especially when the children are involved. I'm also flying into Nashville to look at housing and schools for Jackson. I really pray we are able to find the perfect places for us. It will be a long 2 years for our downstairs neighbors if we end up in an upstairs apartment.


  1. Jamie, thanks so much for sharing our info and directing people towards our fundraiser. I don't feel very worthy of the nice things you just said about me, cuz I know my faults and boy are they aplenty. But thank you for always being supportive of our crrraaazy journey!

  2. #9?? I have seen the commercial and have been trying to find them ever since! (Like my arse needs any help!)
    Best wishes on the house hunt!