Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This & That

In true copycat fashion, I'm mimicking my good friend Mari's post of this and that. What better way to blog about a random collection of photos. As always, Mar, thanks for the inspiration!

This: It was late afternoon and I noticed it was going to rain. Here in Nashville, you can see the storm clouds roll in like no other place I've ever lived. When it started, we were outside and big, no HUGE, raindrops started falling. The sun was still shinning as they fell and the kids ran to the porch. When I gave Jackson permission to go on and play in it, he was thrilled. He danced and sang and threw his hands in the air. Lincoln wasn't far behind.
That: That is my kids playing in the street. We live at the top of a significant hill and when it rains like that, it flows like a river downhill. I don't normally let my kids play in the street but since it is a cul de sac I knew it was safe.

This: I was rescued from a computer coma by these two superhero's. I mean who could not resist chasing these two heroes all around the house.
I wish I looked that cute in a superhero outfit.
Heck, I just wish I HAD a superhero outfit.

That: That's one GIANT pair of boxing gloves and one of the only ways to keep cool around here. It's one of the jumpy bounce houses here that I bought a groupon for even before we moved here. I'm all over thinking ahead when it comes to staying cool.

This: It's our favorite (ok, my favorite) frozen yogurt place. Unlike in NC where the nearest self serve fro-yo was in Cary, this one is just 2 minutes from my house! Every time a treat is rewarded, it seems to be fro-yo. I just happen to be able to get some too. Some say I'm a frozen yogurt connoisseur. I mean, it's far healthier than ice cream(ha!) AND it contains live active cultures, right? I just say I know and love my fro yo! BTW, Jason really hates when I call it fro yo. So, when he's involved, it's Frozen Yogurt.

That: We recently heard about this not to be missed pizza place near 12th Ave. S. Everyone knows they had us at "pizza." We took the kids and tried the local lunch special at Bella Napoli. It's in a cute funky shopping village that is very trendy in Nashville. Old brick warehouse type place that we had to walk down an alley way to get to. Once inside, we watched them stretch the dough for our fire roasted pizzas. They told Jason that the oven was 700 degrees. No wonder they have fast service! I'm certain, if my oven cooked that high, I would burn everything! It was very tasty and combined with the retro atmosphere, it was an A+.

This: It's something I've always wanted to try. A "Jamie" trap if you will. When Jackson was probably younger than 2 a mini show came on that he just adored. It wasn't one you could Tivo because it was more like a Disney Chanel commercial. I had to watch for them to be up next. It stared a little girl that was a bit dramatic just like Jackson. Her name was Emily Yeung and she always did an informative clip. Once she made bubble tea and I've been intrigued by it ever since. Well, I got my chance to try it when we were recently exploring part of Nashville near Belmont University. The Fat Straw is a place that serves bubble tea and smoothies featuring extra large tapioca pearls, thus requiring a "fat straw." $7 dollars and a tea and fruit smoothie later, we could now say we'd tried it.
Did I like it?
Well, while the smoothie was pretty tasty, the pearls were a bit like gummi bears inside the cup and it was interesting but not something I see becoming a habit. Jackson thought it was pretty cool but what kid wouldn't?

That: It's the rooftop pool party that we attended hosted by some of Jason's new classmates. This high rise apartment complex is in the heart of the city and the views are amazing.
I checked into living there, it just didn't seem too kid or pet friendly to me.
( Not! Seriously, they wouldn't have let me and my kids hit the elevator button to this place.)

We toyed with bringing the kids to introduce them to people, I mean we think they are adorable! It was REALLY good choice not to bring them. As I suspected, pool party actually meant wear a cute cover up and stand around and socialize. You can imagine how good my kids are at THAT. Jason and I had a good time meeting his future classmates and exchanging glances that one day we'll be the ones with a rooftop pool and need a doorman to escort our guests to our party.
Or, maybe not, that's not exactly our style.

This: This is super yummy corn from my grandfather's garden. My boys love it and Lincoln kinda attacks it when he eats. It's a sight to see. You might also notice there are not one but two pieces on his plate.

That: Was a visit from our friends in NC, the Heidgerkens. They made a stop in Nashville on their way home from visiting Iowa. The boys were SO happy to see them and Jackson tried everything in his power to talk them into spending the night. We miss them so much!

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