Thursday, September 29, 2011


I started this day with fairly high hopes for a positive day. Although Lincoln woke up only seconds into the 5 o'clock hour, he was in a pretty good mood and there was not too much pre-dawn whining. I had decided with Lincoln as an ultra early alarm clock, I was going to forgo my plans at the gym this morning and do something I rarely ever do. I was going to sit down and PLAY with Lincoln. Like really sit down and play with toys and play whatever he wanted to play. While doing this, we were also still practicing the nude potty training method. It seems to be working, he's even taking the initiative to go potty alone. We were knee deep in trains and trucks and all the other toys in the toy box when I got the call. My "emergency contact" for Jackson's school is my friend Stephanie and she says Jackson's had an accident at school and they are trying to get in touch with me. It's only 820. Crap. I had not received a call, some fluke with my long distance number. I left naked Lincoln with Jason while I gathered clothes to take to my 5 year old at school who had an accident only 15 minutes into the school day.
When I got home, I was greeted by naked Lincoln eating a snack on my bed and behind him, I see a poop stain! Really Lincoln? Crap. I guess he'd taken the initiative to poo-poo potty but he's not quite ready to the wipe himself phase yet. Bath time for Lincoln. I leave him in the bath to start the sheets in the washer and as I come back upstairs, I see he's poured out an entire container of body wash in the tub. Thanks Lincoln.
I'm not sure how long ago the solo potty trip was so I went looking for other poop stains. Where else had he wallowed?
I didn't have to look long. There by the toy box was another much larger poop stain in the carpet. Crap. Thankfully (NOT) he'd tried to clean it up with a little toilet paper. UGH. So I got some paper towels and carpet cleaner only to see that this was going to take more. I need a washcloth to clean up this mess. I go into the boys bathroom for a washcloth and see that they are all SOAKED, along with all the towels and toilet paper I keep up there. Crap. I sure hope my fancy front loading washer can keep up today! I load all the soaking linens up and haul them downstairs to the washer. The laundry (which was done yesterday) seems to have piled up yet again.
I'm going to go ahead and say, I've officially hit my Crap. limit for today.
We should all be thankful for the PG rated title. It could have been a lot worse.
That is all.

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