Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

"Mommy, why does God allow bad things to happen?"

No, I haven't been asked yet but I'm already trying to prepare a response. It's only a matter of time. It's one of those inevitable questions and I'm sure it's coming. I'm trying to figure out how you explain such tragedy without invoking fear, describe such loss without becoming callus. How can you possibly describe the impact of HISTORY in the making. An event that changed the lives of everyone in America in some way or another. It didn't just change the present generation, it also changed all future generations to come. I don't have the answer. No one does. It's God's plan. We were not called to understand it, just to believe in Him. Faith is never tested more strongly than in the face of despair.
The fact is : We don't get to choose how we die but we DO get to choose how we LIVE.
I think that will be my answer when the day finally comes.

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

Everyone remembers. We will never forget.

My kids will only read about the events of that day in a history lesson. They were not even considered yet but it has still sculpted their little lives in a major way.

I was at Auburn University. I lived with Kim Knowles in a small 2 bedroom trailer(it was our last year). I was engaged to Jason. He was already living at Fort Rucker for AVN training. I was getting ready for a statistics class. I LOVED the Today show. That was back in the Katie Couric days and she was is my news anchor hero! I awoke to the coverage of the first plane that hit the twin towers but I was standing there watching live as the second plane hit. That is the moment I realized that this was no accident. This was a verified act of terrorism.


On US soil.

I woke up Kim (and Scott) and thought they should check out the news. Then I thought of Jason. Yeah, my fiance and his roomates might need to know about this. Things, BIG things were about to happen in their world. They needed to know. I called and woke them up.
Statistics classes were cancelled. Good thing. All I wanted was to see Jason, to be with him. I can honestly say that as I watched the coverage and the events that transpired, I had no idea of the impact it would have on our lives. I knew something would happen but I was naive, in college and getting married. I had NO idea that it would lead to him spending a total of 3 years away from his family in the pursuit of justice.

My first thoughts of the events were this MUST be an accident. My second thought was this was NO accident. As the time went on, I feared how many other planes would crash. How many lives would be lost? I remember hoping that the people in the buildings could get out. Surely they could get out. I couldn't believe my eyes as the first tower fell. It was gut wrenching and that sinking feeling came over me that the second one would soon follow. It didn't take long. It was over before the days end but it was long from over. I cried for the people. I cried for the families. I cried for the WAR we didn't ask to start. Yes, everyone's life changed in some way.
For us, it meant a future of long distance love while fighting terrorism on the front lines. Jason, like so many of his brothers and sisters in the military didn't choose to serve a country at war. This war chose them. He was already dedicated to service. This day only made it clear what they would be doing. Not once did he complain or regret his service decision. SO many lives were lost that day. The loss is still breathtaking. We will never fully get over it. But because of the events that took place that day, so many more heroes stepped up to the plate to protect us. SO many more lives have been saved.

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