Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tennessee Mudpies

These ain't your mama's mud pies.

These are NOT Mississippi mudpies.

These are also NOT Miss Minnie's mud pies (shout out to all that read The Help!)

This is the solution to a Saturday so HOT that there is nothing you can possibly do outdoors that does not include water. Lots of it. In a constant stream with a little water on the side to drink.
Folks, it's been a HOT Tennessee summer. Afternoon temps are regularly reaching the hundred maker and beyond. This was my solution to 1) water the front yard and plants 2) keep the boys out of the kitchen so I could clean it 3) show them some good ol' fashioned FUN!

I didn't have to show them much, they took my ideas and ran with it. If you'd like to have similar fun, you're going to need: A sprinkler, an umbrella, an oil pan(unused!) or similar device, some play cups, spoons and plates, some potting soil (because digging the TN dirt is virtually impossible), mulch, grass, etc. Pretty much anything else you can think of to add to this "witches brew." Oh and 2 boys with a passion for getting dirty!

Jackson was sold on the idea when I told him about my sister and I making mudpies when we were young. The truth was, I was about 5 and Tracie was about 2 and I took her down to the mud hole in the yard and started covering her with mud. When I realized that this little move was going to get me in big trouble, I decided my only choice was to also cover myself in mud. I am certain that the water hose was used in cleaning us off after that little stunt. I'm not sure but I don't think my Adam and Eve philosophy worked out very well. I am pretty sure I was still in trouble. It might have been worth it.
{This was the only photo I could locate of the great mud-capade but I think somewhere along the way I missed my calling of body painting, or mud wrestling.}

This was one of the most fun Stay at home Saturday's we've had in a while. It beats the heck out of sub-par cartoons these days and it kept us pretty cool (and dirty!) I can't begin to tell you how many times I was offered a cup or plate of their special pie. I will just stick to the cheeze-its, but thanks!

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