Monday, September 5, 2011

Random rants and raves for a Rainy Night

As I lay in bed at my Parents house with the waves of rain from the tropical storm pounding us, I finally have the time and energy(thanks Nana!) to blog a few random thoughts from our life lately. I'm still too lazy to number them and come up with a more clever title. This will have to do for now.

-I finally have a running partner. After a too long running hiatus, I have finally found someone I can drag out of bed before the sunrise for a morning run a few days a week. Stephanie and I run on Tuesday's and Thursday mornings near and around her house. She has more access to less crowded roads. We are up to 3-5ish miles depending on the time we have. I'm happy to be putting in some miles again and even more happy to be doing it in ever cooler weather!

-I recently made a coupon shopping trip to Harris Teeter. I love shopping there, it's always so clean, calm and pleasant. I was strolling along the frozen food isle in my workout gear when I felt a sudden heat wave. At first I figured it was the back air from the extreme freezers but then I felt it again from overhead. I backed the cart up and walked through it again and as I looked up, I realize the HEAT is on (mind you it is over 100 outside!). As I checked out, he asked me if I found everything ok and I couldn't help but mention that it was strange that the heat was on in the freezer isle. He said, "yeah, it's heated. " We had some costumers complain that it was too cold in the freezer section so it's now heated for your shopping comfort! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

-Jason has been non-stop in school work and meetings and such. He seems really content with his schooling choice and has been impressed with some of the companies that recruit directly out of Owen's business program. At a recent career fair, some of the companies that made appearances were Nike, Mattel, Cracker Barrel, Amazon, and Exxon Mobil. Some gave a way pens and highlighters but a few were really one-uping the competition. Jason came home with a car carrier truck and 2 race cars from hotwheels by Mattel and he also walked in with a signed copy of a Wynona Judd album. She's not my favorite artist by a long shot but this CD is pretty good. I guess that's a perk of Nashville!

-On a Saturday afternoon, I attended a cupcake decorating class with some of the other wives of Owen Graduate School students. It was really fun.The place was called Sparkle cupcake company and the walls were adorned with sparkle paint! OH, how I need a girl!! We sat around and drank wine while learning the technique to decorating fancy cupcakes. Here are some of my results.

-Dad was visiting midweek and we went to the first place he lived when he worked here in Nashville. It was an apartment complex near Bellevue. We pulled in and saw the geese. I just wanted Lincoln to take a look at them but they were so aggressive that I had to feed them. All I had was my go-to box of cheeze-its and we couldn't hand them out fast enough. It was great FREE fun, as long as you kept your hand out of their reach!

-There used to be a large mall about a mile from my house in our community. The economy didn't keep this large mall afloat and it closed several years ago. Pretty creepy to see such a big building with large parking lots completely empty but alas there is ONE store still occupying it. Sears of all places. I'm not sure why Sears has been able to stay in business but a full 2 story Sears store sits in the mall where every other store has been closed for years. We don't shop Sears very often but they do Land's End returns there and we've done it a few times. We also go in there frequently on hot days and participate in one of our favorite FREE FUN activities. We ride up and down the escalators. It's tons of fun for the kids to ride up and down and it's much cheaper than a trip to see the giant mouse. Throw in a little frozen pizza and we could make a party out of the escalators at Sears!

-Also while Dad was here, we stopped by the Belle Meade mansion. I've been wanting to stop by but we decided today wasn't the day tour the home. Lincoln was tired and old houses just aren't his thing. We did walk down to the creek below the house. It is a neat little creek that runs throughout belle Meade. Many of the streets in belle Meade actually cross this creek and you drive though it to the other side! It's always been cool to me that you can drive across the water over the road. The creek made a cool little play area and I have plans in the near future to bring both boys back for a little romp in the creek and hopefully a few pictures in the lush background as well. It was the perfect picture spot!

-After Jackson headed off to school, Lincoln insisted on playing play-doh. I got it down and gave him the blue and green colors. I was careful to make sure he didn't mix the colors up. Who wants a bunch of mixed up playdoh? Sure, I'm a little OCD about it but it keeps the colors pretty! Bored of those colors, the next color up in the wheel was brown. I got out the brown play-doh and placed it on his tray.
He squeezed it and then dropped it and said "Ewwww, mom, Poop!"
If you look closely at the photo, you might actually have to wonder??? Luckily it was just play-doh or I guess you could say play-do do!

-Last weekend, we attended the world's 7th largest flea market. It's in Nashville every 4th weekend of the month. It is truly a sight to behold. We're talking 7 inside buildings and numerous outdoor venues as well. It's interesting and really fun! You never know what you'll see there. Most of what we like to look at is the old/antique neat stuff and the things we know we could make better for a great price. The outdoor vendors are usually better for bargaining with. I'm in the market for a twin bed for Lincoln but I'm in no hurry either. These are a few of the things we saw at the flea market.

-Cute kid
Who in the world is that cute kid at the lunch room table?

You think it's Jackson, don't you?

It's not.
This is a child in his class, Logan.
Last week, Jackson specifically said, "Mom, don't fix my hair like that anymore. Ms. Pilkinton (teacher) always calls me Logan."
When I got to eat lunch with him, I didn't have to ask which one Logan was. I could see it too. It seems to have fooled everyone, including Jason!
No wonder Ms. Pilikinton calls them the same name.
I guess it's true, everyone has a twin!

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