Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Classy Train

A few weeks ago, (amazing how time slips away) we finally went to the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens here in Belle Meade. I've been wanting to go since we moved here but I knew on certain days they offered FREE admission and being the thrifty mama that I am, Free was better than paid admission any day. It's also been oppressively hot this summer and paid outdoor activities were at a minimum. Well, the weather AND the price was right and we were headed to see the Trains! exhibit I've been hearing about. The clothing choices were meticulously planned (yes, Jason's too). We did early church service and planned to be first in line to be able to still squeeze in a nap (for Lincoln of course ha!) before our community group meeting that evening. Lunch was on the horizon, even though it was only 1045. It'd be a shame to go hungry while browsing the beauty of the gardens. I planned to pack a cute and appropriate picnic lunch but wardrobe malfunctions prevented me from following through. Our next choice was Sunday fried chicken but KFC was our only option and no one jumped at that one. Along the way, our next foodie opportunity was Krystals. Why not? We rolled up and placed a large order for several mini square grease burgers on steamed buns with tiny little onions and a speck of mustard. Mmmmm! Nobody at this high class artsy museum was going to out class us. We were bringin' the Krystals!
With the tiny little stink bombs stuffed under the stroller, we first had to stop and see the Trains! It was pretty hard to miss and we'd been pumping up (bribing) the boys with it all day. How else do you think I got them into those clothes and producing those smiles. It ain't easy. I must say the trains were impressive. Captivating actually. I could have stood there more than an hour and watched them zoom around those tracks. The children were thrilled. The trains are miniature replicas of actual train lines that run around the US. There was also a Thomas train that was a pretty big hit with most of the kids. It was an elaborate display, complete with miniature trees and greenery and scaling bridges and walkways. Under one of the bridges, there was a little window where you could look in on a little "house" type train depot. If you watched long enough you'd see our favorite train, the "Ladybug train" speed to a stop in her house, pause and then take off again. She was more like a trolley being the only train on her track but it was painted red with black dots and it was always a squeal to spot the lady bug coming. She was definitely our favorite!
We had spent more time than anticipated there at the trains and our lunch was calling. We found a spot near the water gardens and among all the sophisticated mommies eating cheese and hummus, we broke out our yummy mystery burgers complete with processed cheese and ate to our hearts content. It was a little bit liberating to blatantly go against the status quo and feed our kids such filth. As long as we don't do it very regularly, or at least not every meal.
After lunch, we strolled the rest of the gardens and enjoyed the views. Jason and I especially loved the herb garden to see all the herbs we cook with growing in a garden. We discussed the dreamers possibility of having a restaurant and growing all of our own herbs for cooking.
That nap was soon eluding all of us and we departed and vowed to NOT wait for the next free admission day before we returned. Besides, we have to visit our Lady bug again before she departs the gardens in December.

How CUTE is she?

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  1. that looks like a lot of fun. Addie would love those trains!