Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lame excuses for not blogging

1. The Hunger Games. I'm listening to it right this second while I type. It's pretty intriguing and not at all what I expected. It's no girly-girly book. Move over Nicholas Sparks.

2. This morning, before we even left for church, I had already had a screaming meltdown. It was in response to Lincoln's screaming meltdown because of Jackson's screaming meltdown.
As I dropped the boys off in the childcare area, I was praising God for Kids worship volunteers and I'd be lying if I didn't say it was one of the reasons we showed up today.

3. A white plastic spoon has accompanied my every move lately. It speaks volumes for the kids behavior most times but sometimes, there is nothing that can overcome the witching hour or the terrible twos. Tonight, I drug a screaming 2 year old through CVS by his limp arm and in the same evening I yelled "GET OUT of that tree" to my 5 year old in the parking lot of Michaels craft store as onlookers giggled.

4. Cincy, IKEA, Renee Wallace and Trader Joe's wine. During Jackson's fall break, we took a little drive to see my best friend and Jackson and Lincoln's future wives. The boys and I drove 5 hours to Cincinnati and were intrigued by the city on the river. We later found out, there is a possibility that we could move there. Among several other possibilities. I bought all my favorite IKEA necessities and a red rainbow of wines at Trader Joes before heading to her house for the week. We had a great time.

5. OWEN family weekend and Vanderbilt's homecoming game. It started Thursday night with the OWEN Kegs social. It continued Friday morning with a Dean's brunch and then a visit from Jason's mom. We tailgated for not one but 2 schools on Saturday as Vandy played Army which will eventually both be Jason's alma maters. Pretty impressive if I say so!

6.Smaller house=BIGGER mess. I never knew. It's totally true. I still miss my NC house.

7. New career opportunity on the horizon for me. It's still in the very early stages but if you know me it's ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for me! And no, it has nothing to do with changing diapers or singing lullabies.

8. Running, working out at the Y, eating healthy. Wait, those are those are on the list of things I have ALSO NOT been doing. Oops. Better get on that. Add to that going to bed earlier.

Maybe tomorrow I'll come up with some riveting energy and get to those 3 awaiting blogs.

Maybe I should break out those 5 hour energy drinks they were giving away at the tailgates.

Here's hoping.

Don't hold your breath.

Unless you have the hiccups, then you should hold your breath.


  1. Well.....spill it. What's this new career opportunity?? I see stylist for the stars or something to do with jewelry. Whatever it is, you will be fabulous at it! Oh, and I don't like this competition for the deFoor boys hand(s) in marriage. Ha ha. :) I always enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the smiles...I need them.

  2. Ok, yes...I am now DYING to know about the career opportunity, as well!!! Don't leave us hanging!!