Monday, October 24, 2011

We were walkin' in High Cotton

It was Sunday morning before church. We had planned this little photo shoot all weekend and the best time fell on Sunday morning before church. We should have known better.

We dressed the boys reluctantly as always and drove the .6 miles it takes to get to a cotton field in Alabama in the fall. We failed to account for the recent rain when we entered the field. It was too late. Much too late for each of their cute shoes and pants legs. I'm certain there is something in the bible that says, "thou shalt not go to church filthy." Ok, maybe not but I was brought up that way. Moving along.
The normal amount of bribing, yelling and hair pulling was done to make these 5 photos. There were some grinding of teeth and some threats made but somehow everyone came out smiling. It is truly a miracle sometimes to even get one good photo of 2 active boys. Active is the term I like to use when I really mean completely and totally out of control acting.

But none of that really matters. All that really matters here is we came out with dirty shoes and 5 pictures worth posting and looking like these two boys totally LOVE each other all the time and never ever make each other scream or cry.

I'd like you to believe that's true.

And tell me often so you might can convince me too.

Because most times it looks a little like THIS

And that is on a GOOD day.

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  1. If you saw my Picasa you would know that I typically take about 412 pictures to get approximately 1, maybe 2 that are good.
    These are great! The mud was worth it!