Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alien Slim= $1 Belly Laughs= Priceless

I had to run some errands on Tuesday. It was raining. Both boys would be accompanying me. Moms of 2 (or more!) know what a grave task it can be to take both kids anywhere. Especially in the rain, during the "witching hours." But alas, it had to be done and I couldn't leave them alone, though it did cross my mind.
We had to do several errands requiring us to get in and out of the car several times. I made the usually threats and promises in exchange for stellar behavior. Well, as usual, I had to remind them that their behavior was less than stellar. I would border on whether or not it was even deserving of the promised reward but at the end of the night. Regardless, we finished our errands at the dollar store. One dollar store didn't have the one thing we were looking for (and you thought they had everything, didn't you?). So I drove to the other nearby dollar store and we finally found what we'd been looking for all night. Alien Slime. Oh, and Lincoln a plastic 'rafe (Giraffe).
Jackson had promised to ONLY play with this goo on the hard floor in the kitchen. Wouldn't you know Jason got interested in this gooey slimey substance. That took it to a whole new level of fun. They pretended it was snot, then throw up, then they put it on their belly and then on their face. Jackson tried to talk with it on his face and it made really great funny noises. Then they offered Lincoln to touch the slime but he wasn't so sure. But he did offer his giraffe up as a slime sacrifice which proved for even more laughs. I guess a good night of belly laughs is just what we all needed after a harried rainy afternoon of running errands. I'm telling you it just might have been the best $1 I spent ALL week.

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