Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful by the week- 3

I thought this was posted earlier in the week. I was wrong!

14-I am thankful for the newest and latest fashion trends. Glitter and Sequins. Yes, for adults. I was browsing department and trend setting stores recently and every where I looked there was Sparkle! This makes me one very happy girl. It' is unnatural how much I really love all things glittery and sparkly. And Bonus, I don't look like a 1980's superstar when I wear it. At least that's not what the fashion mags are saying! You can expect to see me with a little extra bling this holiday season. Afterall, it's IN style!

15-Birthday week! I'm thankful it's my birthday week. Not necessarily the fact of getting older but the feeling of being special that one day. Also the guilt free eat whatever you want, it's yo birthday is kinda nice. So far, it's been Jason's deli and Chick-fil-a but I intend on a full on sushi dinner in a few days, oh and some cream cheese cupcakes, with a little Sparkle on top! Now that's my kinda birthday cake!

16-I'm thankful for baby wipes. I buy them in bulk. Then, I buy some more! I use them for everything, not just baby butts. Sure they are great for that (unfortunately) but they are also great for little hands, messy tables, dusting, cleaning countertops, stain removal, computer cleaning, and getting the sticky off almost anything. I could find infinite uses for them and I intend to keep them around long after we're done with baby butts. My brand is Huggies in case you were wondering.

17-Today I am thankful for the ability to run 5 miles before the sun comes up. On my 32nd birthday, I got up before the sun and met my running partner Stephanie for a great 5 mile run. It was cold, which made me thankful for cold weather running gear. It was a great rolling trail and only one of the few we run on a regular basis, which made me thankful to live in a green city with plenty of space. I am thankful for my health at 32 to not only run 5 miles but to do it faster than I could have at age 22. Lastly, I'm thankful for daylight savings time. I usually hate it but lately we were finishing our runs and it was still dark outside. It makes it super hard to get out of bed and run in the dark so when I wake and the sun is shinning, I know it's time to run!

18-I am ever so thankful for my hair stylist Kim. I have been seeing her for several years now and her services are needed more and more each time I visit. Turning 32 certainly has it's grey down sides. Even in NC, I'd plan trips home in order to see Kim. I always joked about being her longest distance client. Now, it's easier to plan a trip from Nashville but I still make a point to see her every several months. I'm always happy to see her. My "sparkle" just wouldn't be the same without her!

19- As me and the kids sit around my parents raging fireplace, I'm thankful for REAL fireplaces. The kind that crackles and you can actually roast marshmallows on in the middle of the living room floor. Crispy brown marshmallows that are fully intended to land on a graham cracker with a square of Hershey chocolate waiting to be melted into a gooey sticky mess.The kind that lulls you to sleep in the dark with it's amber light. The kind my daddy chopped wood and built himself just because we were there so we could all hang out in the living room together. I wonder when we build a house with a real fireplace if Daddy will come and build us a fire in that house too?

20-Last year for Christmas, Jason got me a Tassimo coffee maker. I love it! I don't use it for morning coffee because it's a one cup maker and I'm more of a 3 cup girl in the mornings but it is priceless when it's a cold afternoon and you need a great cuppa joe! I can use it to make coffee, latte's and cappuccinos along with hot chocolate and tea. Now if I can just find the perfect timing balance for that afternoon cup and my sleep balance. It's a great pick me up but sometimes it doesn't let me down until far after mid-night and that can cause a severe coffee cycle come morning!

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