Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A day in the life of a Domestic Goddess

Every now and then, I like to write about my day to day life. I want to remember what it was like when the boys were small. And sometimes, I just need to write it down to help me remember at the end of the day what seems like it was an eternity ago was just this morning. Today was an average, ordinary day. We began the day with me waking to get Jackson up for school. I went to his room and he wasn't there. WAIT? WHAT? Ok, so he must have gotten up for breakfast, and I go downstairs to find my coffee beckoning me but no Jackson. As I began to sleepily freak out a little, I called him up the stairs and no reply. Not messing around at this point, I demand that Jason call him which usually gets a response and it did. From UNDER our bed. Weird kid. He'd crawled under there without so much as a sound. I drug him out and insisted he dress quickly. If not quickly, he could drag this out for hours, possibly days. He argued about making his bed because it was "tooooo harrrrrd!" He enjoyed a high quality breakfast of string cheese and juice box. Please note this was NOT for the lack of nutritious choices or my willingness to provide them.
After that sweet yellow school bus drove away with my 5 year old safely aboard, I went home to get started on his little counterpart. Lincoln gets up saying "I kick bed, mommy". And the ball of energy is off! Lincoln is content for a total of 8 minutes with his "milks" and "muthins". I moved on to play-doh play complete with plastic scissors. It's the only time I hear "mama, I cut!" that I don't cringe and squeal. I spend a significant amount of time trying to keep the 2 colors I allowed from mixing together. I walk away for mere seconds when he announces his completion of shoving BOTH colors into the same cup in an attempt to clean up. So much for orange play-doh. Brown again. Great.
We then get out of the highchair just in time to perform our daily rendition of the "ha ha dance" or Hot dog dance better known to preschool parents everywhere. While on the home front, we are participating in the naked potty training method. For the most part, as long as there are no barriers, there are also no accidents. No pants, all potty. I have yet to test that method outside the home. You are welcome to give it a try if you dare. I spend a portion of my morning putting together train tracks and pretending to drive tractors (that's sexy, right?) I had gathered and started 2 loads of laundry in my trusty front loaders and made soup for my lunch.
I had also had the pleasure of chatting with 2 friends from our time in NC. It had been a long time and it was great, until it was interrupted by a naked boy strutting around in cowboy boots in the back the rain! I corralled him and induced him into a sweet napping coma so I could pick up those tractors for the 7th time today.

While he slept, I prepared him a pb&j for his lunch. (It should be noted that pb&j is NOT an eat in the car seat while running errands kind of food. No mom would ever think that is a good idea. Especially not me.) I also started working on some jell-o jigglers for an after school snack. Then I tied a pink ribbon in my hair and sat down to listen to FM radio. No, wait back up. We are NOT living in the 50's. I did however make the jell-0. And to top it off, I made them in communion type shot glasses. AND it was 2 colors. Talent. It takes talent to master multi colored jell-o shooters. Self control is what it takes to resist putting vodka in them and throwing a before kids college party. Luckily, I had self control today. At least in regards to the jell-o shooters.
Lincoln woke up early from the nap which led to us having the perfect amount of time to run a few errands. We dropped off the recycling. You're welcome mother earth. We made a charity drop at church and returned our library books and movies. We had just enough time to do my CVS bargain shopping and stop by Michaels crafts before heading to the bus stop. Smooth transactions and clearance glow sticks made for a successful trip. At Michaels, Lincoln was threatened and rewarded with the viewing of the Christmas village. It doesn't take much to entertain little guys and I have a soft spot for Christmas villages myself so I didn't mind at all.
At home, Lincoln and I walked to the bus stop a little early and were rewarded with pure entertainment. They are finishing construction on a house behind us and the dumpster was being removed today. I'd never seen a dumpster loaded onto the flat truck before but it was an interesting sight and Lincoln was captivated. I told you he is fascinated by the strangest things. We walked home from the bus stop and commenced eating jell-o. The neighbor girls were here for the afternoon and I think I won worlds coolest mom in their eyes with the multi colored gelatin cups. Apparently they were SO cool and SO good. We met some friends in the park across the street. I must take a moment to talk about the convenience of the park being located across the street. This is PRIME preschool real estate people! I brought bubbles and little cups of baking soda to the park to secure my "world's coolest mom" status. What could be cooler than explosive science experiments to a bunch of elementary schoolers (mostly boys). I let each kid squeeze the vinegar into the cups and they all squealed as they ran over with fun explosive foam. It was over quickly and probably gone just as suddenly was my "cool" status but you can't tell me that!
After the average, dinner and bath time (complete with clearance glowsticks in the bathtub), we took a moment to spend time as a family before bed. Our quality time for the evening was spent watching THIS. Don't hesitate. You NEED to see this. You could add it to the end of your nothing but glorious day as a domestic goddess, or just a regular day as a stay at home mom. I prefer the former.

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