Thursday, February 9, 2012

10 on Thursday. Why not?

1.  This afternoon I made a Sams run (only 1 exit down the interstate!) to get one thing.  Brussels Sprouts!  I'm kind of obsessed with them lately.  Who knew?  If you'd asked me 1 year ago if I liked them, I would have said emphatically NO!  There are very few things I don't like.  Most of them are fishy so I don't know what the aversion to these were but I'm so glad my mind has been changed.  I simply slice them, salt them and spray with olive oil before roasting them in the oven for half an hour.  I eat them like candy.

2.Jason started recording a new show on National Geographic channel.  He's been watching it at night but considering I fall asleep in less than 2 minutes, I haven't even seen the first segment.  Well, today at lunch, I sat down to watch something on DVR and realized most of the things on there are things we like to watch together so I decided to give Doomsday Preppers a chance.  OH MY, help me Jesus!  This show is more, yes I said *more* wacky than hoarders.  Seriously, these people are going to unbelievable extremes to prepare for "when the &^$% hits the fan" or otherwise some catastrophic event.  They are preparing to live years underground and on the food they are currently storing.  They spend HOURS a day canning 8 meals per person for the "just in case".  They practice what they will do if others find out they have enough to sustain themselves and how they will fend them off.  I know you think I'm kidding.  Look it up.  It's true.  And I'm not talking just one crazy loon, there are multiple people like this. Enough for an entire season. Wow!

3.  Last week my oven had a break down.  I wish it was from all my fantastic cooking but I think it was just a fluke.  Either way, it scared me and I needed a repair man.  Or so I thought.  A nice old man came out and looked at it and then had to order a part, the bottom element.  Later that weekend, Jason said, "well, the oven is working".  Oops, I forgot to tell him that they guy didn't fix it on Thursday.  So Monday, I am cleaning the oven from it's white powder from the element burn out when I realize that it's clearly the top element that is broken.  I'm certain the guy ordered the bottom one and don't even remember him looking at the top.  So this morning, I called him and corrected his repair diagnosis and he installed the element I suggested he bring.  Now I can add "appliance repair" to my ever growing resume.

4.  This house is just FULL of excitement.  It's all the buzz around here.  Tomorrow night, we are going to broaden our cultural horizons to a whole new level.  We believe in exposing our children to all types of entertainment and tomorrow night is certainly going to be a night to remember.  We are going to be attending...
MONSTER JAM!  We felt guilty about not taking our kids to the circus recently and said, if the monster trucks come to Nashville then we are going.  Wouldn't you know, the commercials started the next day!  Jason scored us tickets minus the exorbitant "convenience" fees and so if you need me tomorrow night, I'll be the one sporting all my Stella and Dot jewels while cheering on Gravedigger at Bridgestone Arena!

5.  Last night Jason and I had a little date night.  Every Wednesday night our fav radio station broadcasts Live from the Loveless Cafe' Barn a show called Music City Roots.  It's an eclectic mix of up and coming artists.  Some you've heard of and some probably not.  But all of them are good!  It's mostly bluegrassy/folk music but the genre is flexible.  It's a small venue and they serve beer/wine/drinks to enjoy while sitting in seats with no more than 100 others.  Every seat is a good one.  Last night, Jason wanted to go hear Chatham County Line.  They are a NC band that he became fond of when we lived up there.  Also in the line up was Lilly Winwood.  I didn't know who she was but apparently she has a famous father because when he walked out, the crowd went crazy.  Steve Winwood was a pretty big deal of an 80's singer.  He topped the charts with "Higher Love" and "Roll with it Baby".  Daughter Lilly was pretty good too.  I really liked hearing the live music and knowing that is what Nashville is all about.  We love living here and we're constantly trying to soak up every minute of it.

6.Today my Dad and Lincoln and I took the marshmallow guns down to the Harpeth River to shoot them into the water.  I was trying to make them work consistently but when you're talking bullets made out of puffed sugar, you're just asking for problems.  I had to take a piece off to get a marshmallow unstuck and then I replaced the part.  Apparently I didn't replace it correctly and at first shot, it went flying into the fast moving (freezing) river.  I didn't have long to consider the fact that 1)the gun is rendered useless without the part  2) we have 2 guns and 2 kids and 3)  I have my good running shoes on and no time to take them off.  I did what any right minded mom would have done.  I jumped into the freezing water up to my knees to retrieve the part of the gun and save myself from future "It's MINE" fights.  I'm gonna tell you the squishy walk home was pretty tortuous.  I'm not a fan of being wet without a swimsuit on but I'm satisfied with the fact we will have 2 perfectly intact marshmallow shooters, for now.

7.  Today Lincoln sat in his chair and ate his peanut butter sandwhich and the few chips left in the bottom of a bag.  After he was done he said, "Mom, I'm all done.  I ready go night, night."  You gotta love a kid that not only knows when he's ready for a nap but TELLS you so!

8.  Do you have Valentines plans?  We are far to old to even consider going out on Valentines day.  We've never been into gifts for Valentines day either.  Although out first Valentines day would be hard to top.  I flew up to New York for a mystery visit.  All I knew is that we were going somewhere COLD.  He picked me up at the airport and we started driving North.  We drove for another 8 hours into a Blizzard.  About 1am, we arrived.  We were at Niagara Falls.  I had wanted to go there all my life.  It was one of those things on my "husband to be " bucket list and he'd already checked it off!  We spent the weekend in sub zero temps exploring the falls and doing a behind the scenes tour.  We hopped from the US to Canada and back all weekend.  It was one Valentines day I'll never forget.

9.  I recently booked 4 cross country flights for this summer.  We are going to visit the Higerds and by we I mean me and the boys and my mother.  Jason will be working in Houston all summer.  I've always wanted to go to California and it's the perfect chance.  I can't wait to see those girls and get to experience the Cali life from someone who knows!  Hollywood, Lego land and San Diego zoo are all on the week long agenda, along with lots of beach side coffee, wine and laughter!

10.  This morning, I let Lincoln do some arts and crafts.  He's not much into the fine arts, he'd much rather be "killing something" with his nerf gun or running over something in his monster truck but he was willing to give it a try.  He asked for my help so I started him off by painting a sunshine, he started out pretty good with the purple but then proceeded to mix the rest of the colors to come out with a vibrant brown all over the page.  I don't see a piece in the Met in out future but possibly a spot on the Mets one day!

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