Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10 on Wednesday? Why not!

1.  I had the culinary pleasure of discovering the decadence of truffles recently.  I don't mean the chocolate kind although those too are quite decadent.  I mean the mushroom type.  I discovered them over fries.  At a local burger joint (read: classy upscale organic burgers), I tried and fell in love with truffles.  Then I came home to read all about them and found out that they are nearly priceless.  Like far beyond caviar expensive.  More like diamonds.  I went looking for the coveted truffle oil and found a few drops of it would cost you 17.99 at Whole Foods.  At Trader Joes, while they don't carry the oil around here (must remember to check in California!) they do carry cheese with truffles.  My heart be still!  Cheese AND truffles.  My tongue is doing back flips and when I got it home, it was just as decadent as I imagined it would be.  Highly recommend Italian Truffle Cheese!

2.  Lincoln and I were tootling around town one day this week and as I held him while in a store, I told him "you're my little punkin'." To which he replied appallingly, "I NOT a punkin', I a MAN!"  Oh, excuse.  Please tell me this isn't happening at age 2.

3.  Jackson and I were recently discussing a possible move to Texas in 18 months.  I asked him if he wanted to move there and he said no.  We all really like it here.  He asked how long it would take to drive there from here and I told him we would most likely fly there because it would be too far.  This made him want to live there more.  He thought for a moment and then asked me, " Mom, do they speak English there?"

4.  I could kiss the genius that ever thought to put dark chocolate and sea salt into the same bite.  I wonder if it was done on accident and then found to be delightful?  Either way, I'm convinced that this miracle of exquisite taste could have only come from the mind of a woman!  So here's to you, Salted Chocolate discoverer!

5.  Today I read several articles on humility and how it seems to be a lost virtue or at least one that isn't taught among this generation.  It detailed how this is linked to "the entitlement generation" of "I deserve ______".  I'm pretty sure I'm guilty of placing my children on a pedestal and lacking to teach them the meaning of being truly humble.  I found this resource helpful  for humble tips in my own life and hopefully my children will learn this virtue through me.

6.Gnocchi With Sausage and Spinach  THIS was our dinner tonight.  Gnocchi is not something I keep on hand but elbow noodles are so we substitute and it doesn't lack on flavor at all.  It's one of those dinners Jason gets excited about and I keep it in our dinner rotation about once a month or whenever we need to quickly use up the Sams size spinach container!

7.  I am assuming the role as co-chair of the Owen Partners Association.  It's basically a spouses club for the classes at Owen School of Management at Vanderbilt University.  It felt pretty natural considering it's basically and FRG and I'd say I'm pretty proficient at those.  The only difference is his "deployment" will be stateside and he most likely won't need to carry a gun at any point.  Either way, it's exciting to be preparing to become the "second year" class which means we're on our way to graduation 2013!

8.  I just got an email from hotmail saying that I had too many emails.  Who's to say having nearly 10,000 emails is too many?  I've gotten lazy and simply read the ones I want and leave the rest to accumulate.  I've now spent the last 2 hours deleting and unsubscribing from tons of emails.  I now have around 5,000.

9.I had an epiphany at church on Sunday.  I've heard all my life "God won't give you more than you can handle" and naively I believed it.  As of recently I have a friend experiencing "more than she can handle" so when Pastor Pete Wilson said this was false on Sunday, my ears perked.  He said it was indeed unbiblical and that the truth of the verse was that God will never leave you with no other choice but to SIN.  He expects demands that you rely on HIM.  This article was very helpful in clearing it up for me and never again will I accept the lame "God won't give you more than you can handle" excuse!

10.  If I don't end this right now, I'm going to succumb to the desire to eat.  I'm in the kitchen, it's been hours since dinner and I'm getting up at 5 to run.  Good Night forks, I mean folks!

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