Thursday, February 16, 2012

I never thought I'd find myself...

Since moving to Nashville, we've really tried to up the cultural ante on our events.  We know this place is just full of things we've never experienced and not just country music.  We've visited The Station Inn and heard southern gospel music while consuming adult beverages in the Gulch.  We've been to every possible Full Moon Pickin' Party where they have all kinds of live music outdoors.  Just last week we were at Music City Roots to hear breakout bands at their best.  We've also checked the NHL block at a Preds game, been to a Vandy Football game and have full plans to go to a baseball game this Spring.  Jason and the kids landed on a BBQ festival while I've seen Wicked at TPAC and have tickets to see Mary Poppins this Spring as well.  Yes, we've been quite well rounded in our cultural palette lately.  We can now add a whole new facet to our Nashville Bucket List.  We have been to Bridgestone to see the Monster Jam.
We missed going to the circus.  Our kids never said anything about it and tickets were at a premium I thought.  Jackson saw a semi-circus while in Fayetteville so only Lincoln is getting the shaft (second child!).  I told Jason that if the monster trucks came to Nashville, we needed to go and wouldn't you know the signs went up the next day.  Jason scored us tickets minus the exorbitant handling fees and we started spreading the news to the boys, we were going to see the monster trucks.  I'm not sure who was more excited both before and after the show.  Lincoln was pretty thrilled with the whole event.
We sat down and the kids played musical chairs for the first few minutes.  Before the show started, they did a nice recognition of all active/veterans and added emergency workers and teachers in there too.  It seemed as if nearly everyone was standing up to be honored! Then they sang the national anthem.  I was impressed with how saturated both the fans and the performers were pride and patriotism.  Here among dirt floor and junk cars, they show respect to their country.  When's the last time you heard the national anthem played at the ballet or the theatre?  I just found that to be an interesting observation.

When the first Monster Truck rolled out, Lincoln couldn't have clung to us any tighter but he had a smile from ear to ear.  We all found it super exciting when the trucks would rev up and jump high into the air, crushing the junk cars to pieces.  It wasn't something I thought I'd enjoy but it was well done and I actually had fun.  Before the intermission 2 transformer type cars came out to battle.  These robots were Jackson's highlight of the night. They shot one another with fire until one of them retreated.  It was pretty cool with flashy lights and a robot voice.

Another highlight was when one of the trucks would happen to flip over.  It was much like watching hockey or wrestling for a fight or NASCAR for a wreck.  Flipping wasn't a good thing but everyone wanted to see it once or twice!
We all walked back to the car happy and sleepy and the next morning Lincoln woke up and told us he now wants to be a Monster Truck driver when he grows up.

 Do they have a  monster truck driving college degree?  I guess it's better than clown college or bar tending school.

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