Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TEN on Tuesday!

1.  I'm going to go ahead and admit that I'd shamelessly downloading new ring tones to my aging HTC EVO phone for fun.  Jason is still studying for finals and I honestly find this more entertaining than watching TV or folding laundry.

2.  Jackson started swimming lessons today at the YMCA.  It was our first day and we park out in left field and arrive just in time to notice there are both ambulance and fire trucks in front of the Y.  I'm a little concerned when I walk in and see them placing a sign up that says the pool is closed until further notice.  Luckily, (i assume) the stretcher came out empty and they re-opened the pool for Jackson to complete his first lesson while Lincoln and I frolicked in the shallow end watching on.

3.  Lincoln has really gotten into Peanut Butter and Jelly.  He will eat it 3 meals a day and ask for more.  Hence, I showed him the Yin Yang Twins version of "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" and now my adorable 2 year old says "Peanut Butter Jelly Time, with a baseball bat.  Ironically, I just found a peanut butter jelly time ringtone.  I'm going to regret this later.  Mark my word!

4.  Jackson had to complete a research project on a US president last week.  Now, he's in Kindergarten mind you.  Raise your hand if you remember writing a research paper in Kindergarten.  I'm pretty sure I was in 11th grade before I was required to write my first paper.  I guess you'd call it a parent/kid project and we did our part.  We researched Andrew Jackson and found out some interesting things.  Besides the things Jackson chose to include on his poster, we learned he was the only president in US history to ever pay off the national debt.  Also, his pet parrot , Poll that Jackson mentioned on his poster,  yeah, he cursed profusely at his funeral!  Good stuff.

5.  I finally found somewhere to hijack some buttercups.  Sure, some people call them daffodils but to me, they'll always be buttercups.  Some of my fondest memories are driving around with my parents to old homesteads where no one lived to pick buttercups.  We did it every year and it was a true sign that spring was coming.  The more exciting the location the better.  If we stopped on the roadside, that was cool.  If we had to cross over into a fenced in field, that was even better!  So, this weekend, I saw on top of a hill leading to a public canoe launch there was a whole bunch of buttercups.  On Saturday afternoon, I took the boys down there to pick some.  We approached what I thought was an old home site but realized as we walked closer that it was actually a cemetery.  A 100 year old cemetery.  After I got past my astonishment, we walked around and looked at the graves.  They were anywhere from 1878 to 1912.  Some kids would be freaked out in a cemetery but not mine.  My dad regularly takes them to our family cemetery so they think it's cool and ask a bunch of questions about the deceased.  We went ahead and picked our flowers anyway, I didn't seem to think the dead folks would mind at all.  It's all about making memories, people.

6.  I bought some after Valentines day candy. I had previously resisted opening it for the simple fact that I bought one of my favorites, you know "for the children".  But when I ran out of fancy Nashville Chocolate bars, I found myself with my hand in a large bag of sweet tart hearts.  I'm having to resist serious temptation to get up and have a "few" more.

7.  I'm really excited to be updating the front door of our rental house this week.  I have had no way to see when someone is at the door and this will add another layer of protection.  It comes after a "knock and run" happened while Jason was gone at 11pm on Friday night.  So, later this week, I'll have a nice new glass front door to clean tiny hand prints off of!  I'm really excited about it!

8.  Tomorrow is leap day.  I always found leap day fascinating.  Especially when I knew someone in school who's birthday fell on that day.  It seems cool but I wouldn't want it for myself.  My best friend is pregnant, maybe she'll get to deliver on that lucky day.

You must read this.  I wrote a blog similar(sort of)  to this but she knocks it out of the water on the funny factor.  Most of you have probably already read it though.  I posted it on my facebook and I'm sure I have no more followers on here than I do there.

10.  Both Jackson and Lincoln are still both a little crazy over Monster trucks.  Lincoln is going to bed with his on a  daily basis and will wake up and play with them in my bed driving over the pillows for hours.  I requested all the materials available at Nashville public Library on monster trunks and came home with both books and movies.  Now who do they love?  I have no shame, Daddy's the one who goes around handing out candy for love!

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