Monday, March 26, 2012

What's been going on?

1. Several weeks ago Nashville was in the center of a serious storm path that included the great possibility of tornadoes.  Schools were closing and everyone was finding their safe place.  We live atop a hill and there's no safe place in this house.   Luckily, after a small meltdown, Jason found me a friends house to go to while tornadoes rumbled all around but we only sustained a few broken window screens from the large hail. Thankful!

2.  My running group is continually increasing our milage to train for the  Nashville Country Music Half Marathon.  A few weeks ago we began our trek at Loveless Cafe and ran 9 miles UP the Natchez trace.  If you've never ran uphill for 2 miles, you can do it there.
This week we took a scenic route downtown.  It was the last 7 miles of the half and it was FUN.  We crossed I-40 twice, went across the Cumberland River, around Titan Stadium, by Centennial Mall, Farmer's market, through the Gulch and back up to Music Row.  I can not wait to run with 30,000 other people through this town!

3.  After running that 9 miles and picking my parents up from the airport, I participated in a missions event at our church.  They helped with The Fairy Godmother Project of Music City.  This charity provides prom dresses to high school girls who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford them.  I was a personal shopper and I was able to help one girls prom dreams come true!  She found the perfect dress and we were both pleased!

4.  Last week, I was the happiest southern girl on the block.  The owners of this house agreed to let me have a glass front door installed so that I can watch the kids at the playground and have a little more light in the evenings.  I've been basking in my glass front door all week.  I had clothes on...most of the time.
Perhaps one of the funnier occurrences was when Jackson rounded the corner to come inside and ran right SMACK into it.  Poor guy, it made his eyes water but if you'd been here, you too would have laughed hysterically.

5.  6 months ago I bought tickets to see Mary Poppins at TPAC.  It was a long time coming but worth the wait!  It was a wonderful show, better than I remembered and the set was so amazing that I didn't have to wonder how they spent my ticket money!

5a.  As I was standing outside waiting for the valet to retrieve our car the lady I went looked over my should and  said "(gasp) That's Allison Krauss."  I swung my head around to verify that we were in fact in the presence of a celebrity.  I carefully snapped this blurry photo.  I wouldn't have dared to be caught stooping so low as to obviously take a cell phone photo so this was the best I could do in my semi-starstruck state.  Nonetheless, Nashville's celebrity sightings are cool!

6.  It's not unusual for me to find strange guys in my bed.  Such as this one.

7. This is also not an uncommon occurance.  Surely God sees that I need to step on a barbie or two to balance this out!

8.  Why is he naked?  I had dressed this child and placed him on the couch to view (for the 100th time) an OLD vhs movie that he's in love with.  Funny thing is his brother liked it equally as well.  It's kids that are probably now well into their 30's singing toddler songs and bible songs.  Cutest thing is when he can sing what's coming up next.

9.  Lincoln "left" his papi at Aunt Linda's house.  He now claims he left it because he's too big (true).  The morning after he slept without it, I expected an earlier than usual wake up but instead I went in to check on him and he was up peeping out the window.  Who needs a papi?

10.  Have you ever wondered what we did without text and picture messaging?  It is now part of our every day life.  I can't imagine having to shop without sending my sister pix messages.  I guess in the good ol' days, we had to actually go shopping together.  For shame!

The new songs{"What's been going on?"}on my playlist (click here google readers!) are my new absolute favs.  Amos Lee is the next big thing, just wait and see!  Love!!

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