Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ya'll Come Back Now, ye' hear.

After a WONDERFUL kid-free weekend (thanks mom!) I had to retrieve the kids from them.  We met down I-40 about 50 miles from Nashville.  We may have been only 50 miles from music city but this place was still thriving off the country music scene!  I arrived to Hurricane Mills, TN just after lunch.  I was a bit hungry and I'm NOT a fan of McDonalds.  Ever.  So my other choices were the Mexican food trailer (um, no thanks, Montezuma!)  or Loretta Lynn's Kitchen.  I had to begin dining alone which I might have never mentioned but I have a serious issue with eating alone, in a restaurant.  I can do it any day at home or in my car but I hate eating inside a restaurant alone.  I always assume everyone is sizing me up, including the servers.  Wondering "what's her story?"  Can we say paranoid.  Anyway, its my issue.  I was having a pretty tasty buffet lunch when the gang arrived.  The boys were bustling ready to tell me about their weekend and all the amazing sites along the way.  One of them happened to be right outside as there was a gigantic bull? buffalo? in the front of the restaurant.  Not exactly sure what that had to do with Loretta Lynn but the food was good, I can't complain.  Now the rest of the dinner was a shrine to the past country music legend.  There were some fine quality larger than life size throws with her photos on them.  More photos and show prints than I could count and then came the wax statute and clothing display.

  Yes, it was full of facinating relics.  Not enough could be said when mom and I were rendered speechless over this fine piece of art.

 Good ol' George!  We've ordered 2 replicas to be framed for over our mantles!  Now you want one too, don't you?

On the way home we happened to ride behind this car.  Now if you look closely, the bumper sticker on the back says "I love my FIXED pet."  Um, apparently you waited until you'd populated the entire back window of your car before you made that decision.  Can we say contradiction?  I would say only in TN but this kind of thing happened ALL the time in NC and it appears this car is from Mississippi.  In case it's not clear, let me count it out for you.  There are 11 (ELEVEN) pets pictured on this car.  It appears there are 2 parents and ONE child.  Folks, first, unless you own a farm, 11 pets is way too many but second, if you are audacious enough to own 11 pets, please, for the love, don't represent each one of them on the back of your car.  It gives people like me reason to shake my head in wonder {and possibly roll my eyes.}

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