Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break 2012, baby!

 The ol' Spring Break just ain't what it used to be.  No, rewind this train 10 years and you'd have seen me and these boys daddy having ourselves a mighty fine time on the beaches of the Florida Panhandle.  Now, Spring Break is visiting friends that have just given birth to adorable children with my own children in tow.  It's driving 6 hours while listening to kids fight over what to watch on the DVD player that my parents never had for us.  It's hearing "low batteries" on my cell phone, kindle fire and leap pad which were also non-existent in those dark ages of my spring break years.  It's stopping every 2 hours to go to the bathroom and eating snacks out of my cooler because they are "healthier" and "cheaper" than stopping to get fast food.  (Oh, no.  I have officially become my mother.)  I always knew she wasn't half bad!
Yes, yes, Spring break of 2012 was 6 hours of "How many more hours do we have?" from a certain 6 year old who was excited to see his first friend again.
 We spent Spring Break in Portsmouth, OH.  It's a far cry from Panama City, FL but it is right where I wanted to be.  I had an agenda.  My best friend gave birth to her 3rd child and only boy just 4 weeks ago and it was always my plan to arrive just in time for newborn cuddles!  We didn't have any firm plans and it was a good thing.  We quickly learned that while it was possible, it wasn't easy to take 5 kids under 6 ANYWHERE.  We managed a nice picnic at a nearby park but while there we discussed how much easier it would have been to eat lunch at home!  The kids enjoyed it and that's what it's all about, right?  Yeah, that and our sanity or lack thereof.  We tried to kick the older kids into the back yard but that led to bickering 6 year olds.  We played playdoh and I'm pretty sure it had to be thrown away after these 4 got their grubby hands on it.  The bubbles were a huge hit.  The littles continually poured out the bubble solution and asked for more.  Aside from all the fun, the kids were glad to see each other.  Lincoln and Charlotte don't remember each other but they got along so sweetly (most times) and I'm pretty sure Lincoln charmed the socks off my bestie Renee.  True Lincoln style!
We did manage a day with fewer children to hit up the antique shops of  Portsmouth and I got a few treasures.  We also put her wine glasses to use nightly and with one or both of us preggo for the last 3 years, it's been a while!
We had such a good time with these girls (and baby boy!) and can't wait to show them around the Nashville scene this summer.  There just so happens to be a great new park downtown that I'm  making plans for.
And just in case we need a break....I'm calling a babysitter for standby!

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