Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh! The Difference a Year (or two, or three!) Makes!

The years just keep rolling by without my approval or permission.  I've been blogging for 3 years this month and it's thrilling to look back at what was going on in April over the last few years.  It's been some pretty significant changes each year different and exciting in their own right.  Come take a stroll down bloggity lane with me.  If you've read them before, read them again.  If not, these are probably some of the most significant dates in our lives to this point.  At least until next April when our life changes all over again!
Beware of Nostalgia.  It may make you cry.  It did me.

In 2009 I wrote My first blog ever!  It's probably still my favorite blog, serious one at least.  It was one of the most emotional days of my life and it bleeds patriotism.  I will forever love him for that smile!

One year and a baby later, came April of 2010.
 It is still to this day my self proclaimed The best day of my Life!  I held a sign up as Jason and his unit returned home from war that said "Never Again."  It simply said it all.  He had yet to inform his chain of command but I disregarded that fact because I knew we were done with deployments FOREVER.  I would never again have to experience that kind of worry and it was one of the most freeing thoughts.  Yep, better than weddings and childbirth.  It was hands down, the best day of my life.

Then came last year's reminisce.(Last year, last goodbye.) April 18th, 2011 was the last day I saw him in Army uniform.  It was the day we left the first house we ever owned.  It was the day we said goodbye to the life we'd always known and headed directly into the life we are now living....and LOVING.
 Don't get me wrong.  There are things I will ALWAYS miss about that place and the army life.  It will forever be a part of us.
But it's possibly an understatement to say we love the life we have here.
We both knew we were going to LOVE living in Nashville.  I think we both underestimated that also.  I knew I'd love having Jason home and he knew he would love school at Vanderbilt but I too have become part of the Vanderbilt family and I say regularly that I would have paid twice the exorbitant tuition cost to be a part of this great community.  And that isn't even mentioning the network of friends I've developed here through church at Crosspoint and the Bellevue MOMS club.  I started the networks before we even moved and continue to make lasting friendships here every day.  These girls accept me knowing I won't be here forever but we just live it to the fullest while we are here!

In the here and now, we are finishing the first year in MBA school and preparing for Jason to leave in 2 weeks to work possibly the job of his dreams.  He will be working for Exxon Mobil in downtown Houston, TX.    He's always been interested in gas and oil and it was no surprise when he accepted the internship they offered him.  I'm pretty sure I didn't even have a say in this one.  He's never led us wrong before though so I trust him.  He's headed for BIG things and I'm happy to be by his side.  After summer, we will have 9 more months to soak up the Music City.

Around next April, we will be moving on again to really live out this civilian life.  I plan to enjoy every minute of it and pray every night for happiness (a job near here!), health (another baby... a GIRL baby) and a life fullfilled (thank you, God!).

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