Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Clean is the new Cool!

Shortly after a "my jeans don't fit" breakdown, I decided to take on a whole new approach to eating.  It was not necessarily in an attempt to loose weight but to change our lifestyle to just be overall more healthy.  I have been following blogs in regards to clean eating for a while now.  It's intriguing, seems easy and fits our foodie tastes.  I like the idea of clean eating because it's not a diet at all.  It's about eating foods that are clean  meaning not processed or as close to nature as possible.  It means loading up on fresh vegetables  fruits, lean meats and whole grains.  It's not eating ingredients that you can not pronounce.  I like that idea. It's NO SUGAR.   It's also non-judgmental.  Can you never eat those foods again?  No, you are your own boss but the idea is to change your habits so that you don't want those foods again and when you do have a "treat" you do it rarely and then jump back into the good habits you have formed.  You decide the rules here, it's about YOUR health and the health of your family.

I will be the first to admit, it's not cheap!  Buying fruits and vegetables in their fresh versions is usually more expensive that buying processed.  And you have to shop more often.  I am going to 2-3 grocery stores to get the cheapest and freshest vegetables for our meals.  I am buying more organics than  I used to.  Not everything I buy is organic but I choose it when I can (and when it's on sale!).  I haven't ventured into the organic meats.  They are so far beyond the price of standard that I can't do it yet. Maybe one day.

I'm learning to eat things even I didn't think I liked.  I don't consider myself picky at all.  I will eat almost anything but I have never been a fan of eggs.  Neither of my kids like eggs but boy have I been eating eggs lately.  They are the best protein for breakfast and I can pack them with all kinds of veggies and actually make them taste pretty good.  Well, after 3 weeks and about 2 dozen eggs, I am actually craving eggs in the morning and I'm enjoying them.  I'm also eating more kale than I ever thought possible   I'm eating kale chips, kale in eggs and kale in soup.  It's apparently some sort of super food along with THIS list of other must haves.  I've also ventured into cooking quinoa.  I've been hearing about it for a while now but it's now a regular part of our diet.  It's a "grain" that is actually a seed and is a full serving of protein   You can't beat it for the nutritional benefits and it taste fantastic as well!

I've done great in letting go of the carbs.  I know they are not good for me.  The dairy has been a little harder.  I love cheese, especially goat cheese.  I still use it fairly often.  I also haven't given up coffee creamer .  I use the sugary bad for you stuff and it's my only vice.  I love it and my coffee is not the same without it.  I love it so much I have given up soda in exchange.  I love my Diet Dr. Pepper but now I will only occasionally have a sip of Jason's.  That's a pretty big deal.

I'm finding that I WANT to eat the things that are good for me.  I'm choosing to eat snacks that are healthy.  I've been trying many of the clean eating recipes and I have liked every one I've tried.  It's really not hard to make any recipe clean.  I have learned most everything I know from The Gracious Pantry.  But I take what I read and make it my own.  I love the freedom to decide what works for us.

I wanted to list some of the recipes I've tried although like I said, everything I've tried has been good!

This was my latest loves:
Clean Eating Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut Milk and Cilantro
Cabbage Roll Stew

Cherry Larabars

Quinoa with  Black Beans

These are just a few of my favorites.  Ones my family gave two thumbs up and I will be going back to again.  
I have also made a few family staples clean as well.  We had chili last week and this week we will have white chicken chili made clean.  
We still have pizza, just now we pack it with veggies (or at least I do!)  I still occasionally have wine.  Although, it's been a while and I have to double my water intake the next day.  
I'm so far from perfect or even certifiably clean that it's almost hard to proclaim we are clean eaters but I'm trying and I'm dragging the family along with me.  Any steps toward better health are steps in the right direction!

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