Friday, October 12, 2012

Gone Bananas

I've been helping support a local food pantry in small donations weekly for a while. I really love the work they do at this pantry and the simple idea that they know and love the people that come there for food.  They don’t ask for ID or any other proof, they just love the people who walk in and ask for help.  They take a personal interest in them and make sure they know that they are important and God loves them.  It’s freeing to not worry about the details and just love people openly.  I dig it.
 This week, I volunteered to purchase and deliver the bananas that they need weekly for the shoppers.  I have not yet been to the pantry so this was a great way for me to get by there and feel like I was really doing good.  I had to buy the bananas on Friday to ensure they were fresh.  I had asked Jason to help me since carrying 40lbs of bananas was not something I could easily accomplish.  We went to sams club for our banana shopping.  We loaded the flatbed cart with 3 cases of bananas and Jackson and Lincoln hopped on.  We drove through the store and also got some almonds for me.  Every single person we passed had something to say about our bananas.  Jason, the eternal comedian, got a sparkle in his eye.  The next couple that walked by said, “Oh my, you guys must really like bananas!” To which Jason replied, “No, actually we have a pretty severe potassium deficiency but we’re going to take care of  that Tonight!”  Jason laughed, I laughed but the couple only smiled and kept walking.  The next lady that walked by proclaimed “Wow!  What are you going to do with all those bananas?” and before I could give the spill about the pantry, Jason jumped in and said, “we’re going to be feeding those to our new pet Monkeys.  We just got them, straight from Africa.”  She laughed a little more than the first couple.  It was obvious by my reaction it was a joke but she walked away rather quickly after that.  The guy at the register also wondered what I was going to do with 40 bunches of bananas and I told him about the pantry.  I have to agree, it wasn't nearly as exciting to explain as pet Gorillas would have been.  There is no doubt part of why I married him was his sense of humor. 

You can read for yourself about The Little Pantry here.  If you are needing your heart strings pulled, you should read THIS post. It sums up the WHY as if you really need a why to love people.   After that, I was hooked.  

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