Saturday, October 6, 2012

Guest Blogger: Once upon a Friday night...

Lucky me!  I have my first guest blogger and it's none other than my mother!  She's super talented in child rearing (hence moi!), has some mad sewing and photography skills and tops the list of  world's best Nana's by handing out organic suckers and performing regular science experiments to keep the grands well entertained.  She's the best.  

If you live in the south, you go to high school football games.  Que the Friday night lights.  This particular Friday night was still in August and the Alabama humidity was still lingering like a think wool blanket.  Sweet Lincoln was spending a few days with us (aka Camp Nanapawpaw) and we had to show him what football is all about.  After I got home from a long day of educating, I prepared for a hot night sweltering in the bleachers.  The packing of our carpet bag of goodies included our trusty "misty mate" (possibly best purchase ever), lots of water and more snacks than a drive-thru convenience store.  We head to the game and already score a WIN with a free and decent parking place.  We swam through a sea of former students who all wanted to pinch sweet Lincoln's cheeks.  And who wouldn't?
The first thing to make its way out of the carpet bag once we were seated was that misty mate.  It did it's job and did it well.  We stayed cool along with most of the folks around us.  I'm not 100 percent sure they enjoyed the free shower but if they were nearly as hot as we were, they didn't really mind.
Next comes the snacks.  Suckers, fruit gummies and grapes, Oh my!  Lincoln never wiggled or pestered, he just sat in my lap a while then shifted to pawpaw's lap while watching the pre-game activities.  Lincoln had a bright idea and asked me if he could yell "Go Commodores".  I said sure buddy.  I believe the Trojan mascot reminded him of the ugly old commodore at the Vandy games.
Dinner at the game was Band Booster Burgers.  The concession stand special.  I'm guessing they were not cholesterol free but they were good nonetheless.  Even Linc at a few bites but mostly he just guzzled the soda.  He really enjoyed the half time show.
By this time, night has fallen, the misty mate is out of water and Linc begins to snuggle.  (Nana loves!)
Over the loud speaker the announcer says "TIME OUT, Muscle Shoals."  Lincoln looks up to me and says, "Nana, Are we in time out?"  A chuckle and reassuring hug let him know we were not.  It was about the football game.  At the beginning of the 4th quarter Lincoln announce he is ready to go home.  So guess what we did?

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