Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jacksonisms and Lincoln Lately

On a recent trip to Alabama we were driving through cotton country and Jackson looks over and says:

J:  "Look Lincoln, it's cotton."
L:  "thas not Cotton, thas a PLANT"
J:  "No, Lincoln, that IS the plant cotton"
L:  "Cotton is NOT a pwlant, he's a CAT!"

*if you haven't figured out, we have a cat named Cotton.

On that very same trip we were driving over the dam and I hear Jackson sniffing and then he accuses Lincoln of pooting.  (gah, boys!)  Lincoln adamantly rejects the suggestion and then turns it around and blames Jackson.  He also refuses to claim the indiscretion   I am a little annoyed at their constant attempts at using what we call "bathroom words" so of course they both resort to ask me if I did it.  I told them what I've known the entire time.  "Boys, that's the paper-mill!"  Jackson said "You mean the Paper-mill pooted?!?"

Lincoln is quite convinced he's Incredible Hulk.  He can not keep his shirt on when we are home.  Sometimes I look back in the car and he's managed to get his shirt off and his car seat is still on.  I'm not sure how the Houdini does it.  So it was pretty obvious what he would be for Halloween   I started looking at the Marvel costumes and not only were they UGLY but they were also $50!  I knew I could do better.  We were on a trip to Bargain Hunt when I found the perfect pair of girls purple sweat pants for $1!  That night, he slept in them.  The next morning he asked me to cut them so I cut jagged edges on his pants.   I thought he might never take them off.  He later told my Granny an elaborate and drawn out story of how "Mommy got my pants and colored on em then she cut em up and 'put a crack in em'!"(shredded edges)

Mom (boys nana) found a new gadget for the boys and her to play with.  She recently bought a Yonanas machine that makes soft serve ice cream from frozen fruit in just seconds.  It was pretty tasty but the boys got a kick out of the fact that it was called a "Yonanas as in Yo Nana!"  We went round and round with "Yo mama, yo nana, etc.

Lincoln is great at going to the bathroom all on his own. But occasionally it's a 2 person job and when it is, he knows who to call!  I hear him yelling from the bathroom, "Moooooom, Can you wipe me?"  Sure, Lincoln.
"And bring the baby wipes!"  I guess at least he knows when its a serious job!

Jackson is learning to multiply.  He has taken on the interest and we are merely fostering it.  He is learning the single number times tables.  My mom recently told me the hand trick for learning the 9's.  It's pretty amazing and I taught it to him in just one night!  Check it out here.  You might be impressed too!

In light of my sister having her baby Jackson asked me, "Mom, where do babies come from?"
I quickly told him the greatest truthful reply, "They come from God, honey!"
He retorted, "Yeah, I know that but like...How do they appear?"
Um...yeah, your dad is so super smart, you should really ask him when he gets home!

Jackson has been interested in politics.  Jason and I rarely discuss them in our house.  We agree politically and vote that way so there's no need for discussion.With the upcoming election, Jackson has gained interest   He recently asked me if the signs in the yards mean they have voted?  I explained that the signs were the candidates that they support.  He also asked if they come to your house to let you vote.  Not exactly and we talked about the polls.  I asked who he would vote for if he were old enough and he said, "I wouldn't vote for Obama!"  Now I was intrigued.  I ask "why?" and he said because he'd like to have a new president every single year!  Ok, so then I asked which one he did want to vote for and he proudly said,
"Mittten Ramen!"  There you have it.  Vote cast by my political 6 year old.  This kid may be a future republican candidate!

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