Wednesday, May 29, 2013


There is nothing better than seeing what your kids think of you!
Please note how much I weigh to him.  And how tall I am.  I think those dimensions are closer to barbie than me but I'll take it!
I used to play in the mud.  Ha!  My mom has the proof.  Now I do Stella & Dot.  Quite a bit of difference!

And my favorite food!  Ha!  Brussels Sprouts.  So true!

And that final saying.  My dad's been telling me that for years.  "I wouldn't trade you for a gold nickel".  I don't know where the phrase came from but I've heard it all my life and apparently my kids have learned it's a term of endearment.

Love this.  A poem about me.  The order of my cinquain is pretty, kind, caring, running, cleaning.  I'm ok with the order of it.  I think he knows me well!
I went to AL to visit on Mother's Day (read: Allie Gray was there!).  We had a fantastic lunch and time together.
I LOVE LOVE this girl!  I got to squeeze her ALL day!
This was my fantastic mother's day gift!  I had been lobbying for it for a long time.  The boys had caught on and insisted he get it for me.  He loves me, of that I'm sure!
Our mom is the greatest!  She is so incredibly selfless and there is nothing she wouldn't do for us.  She's the one who isn't hungry when there's only one slice of pizza left.  She taught us social grace and I will always be thankful.  She is the one that thinks of things before you need them and already has it done.  I don't know what'd I'd do without her.
I'm so happy my sister got to experience the joy of motherhood with me this year.  She is a fantastic mother and this baby girl is PRECIOUS!

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