Sunday, October 13, 2013

Putting on the Ritz

It's not everyday you'll see 9 mothers with 17 (plus 2) children between them on a girls weekend alone.  It was a trip 3 years in the making and at the babies being born rate, it may be another 3 years before the chance occurs again.  In late August, I made a getaway to Beaver Creek, Colorado with these fine ladies.  We came from every corner of the US.  Cali, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, Colorado and Washington.  We covered the map and descended on the Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch like moms who had 3 days kid free!  These are the girls that lived in my neighborhood when we all lived in NC together.  These are the girls that suffered through Jason's 3 deployments with me. They were there for the birth and early years of my babies.  They were all going through the same thing!  We had breakfasts and dinners together.  We celebrated holiday's together.  We made it through LONG fatherless weekends because we were together!  There is always a special place for the friends that were there for you when your kids were small.  It ain't easy but having comrades makes it bearable!  I love these girls and all the memories they represent.  Past and present!  

So I had never experienced ANY type of altitude.  I mean Gatlinburg, TN hardly counts as mountains.  This was quite the change for me.  I immediately noticed how quickly I was out of breath.  I could be huffing and puffing just sitting on the couch!  And DRY, I could drink gallons of water and never feel like I had enough.  I think I'd get used to it but man, it was different.  Beautiful and different.
We spent the weekend eating, shopping and sightseeing in the beautiful Colorado Mountains.  The weather was near perfect compared to the 100+ temps I left back in Houston.  It was 60-80 at any given time.  Pretty perfect!  

Our condo had a total of 5 bathrooms.  For 9 women, that was like a dream come true!  Everyone also had a bed which was pretty important!  Uninterrupted sleep is a commodity I consider highly valuable!

We got up one morning and a few of us headed out on a hike.  It wasn't easy but slowly I made it up the ski slope and noticed these trees everywhere.  They are Aspens.  We don't have them here and they were so pretty and magnificent!  
I ran many a mile with these girls in my years in NC.  I still miss my morning runs with Jen.  She NEVER once failed to show up to run at 6am.  That's dedication folks!

On Sunday morning, we took a ride out to the Colorado River where we "rafted" down a stretch.  Now this was a level 2 rapids and I can't imagine how calm level 1 must be.  The car ride there proved to be more bumpy than the entire rafting trip.  It made for some really good laughs and only a splash or two of water along the way.  

Jen felt she should really hang onto the rope as we approached some of the more fierce rapids.  Note the calm water in the background.

One of our favorites because this is Sweet Angela.  Never hurt anyone or say a mean word but she looks like here she'd slap the smile off your face.  Look out, we might have her pegged wrong!
We look like we were hiking.  In reality we were probably looking for a "bathroom".  I wouldn't say any of us are really the outdoorsy types!

Best friends and best meal EVER!  This was the Grouse Mountain Grill and it was simply fabulous.  I only wish I had a photo of the corn chowder.  It consisted of a cream of  hot corn soup, a scoop of frozen corn yogurt topped with gourmet popcorn.  It was different and delicious! 

The views were spectacular, the food was divine but the company was simply the BEST!  It's not easy to have 9 girls agree on anything but it seemed like we had never even left!  I'll say it again, I love these girls to pieces and I don't know if I can wait another 3 years to do THIS again!

And ONE more for the ROAD!

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