Monday, April 14, 2014

The funny things they say

Again, typing one handed is beyond my abilities so these little gems have been accumulating in the notes section of my iphone kinda like all the photos I still have to upload.   I'm just thankful to the time to sit down and put them in the phone these days.  Blogging them is a total bonus and since my dinner alarm is due to go off any minute now, it may take me a while but here goes.

When I was in the hospital and a few days afterward, Lincoln pointed out that I still had a fat belly.  Leave it to kids to boost your self esteem like that.  Around week 3 post partum, he walked in and said happily, "Mom!  You're fat belly, it's gone away now!"  That's one compliment I'll take!

Jackson woke up one day and as I was making his breakfast he said, "Mom, why do you have a black eye?" Um, that's not a black eye son, that's severe sleep deprivation.  I guess it's time to invest in the high dollar concealer again!

Lincoln asked me innocently, "mom, how do you drive with your knee?"  Ooops.  Guess I am busted!

Lincoln said this week, "Mom, I thought I heard a cat.  It was baby sister.  She sounds like a cat."  I have to agree.  She squeaks like a baby kitten.

We were on a solo bike ride and Lincoln said "look mom, it's the corn dogs" while pointing at the pond foliage.  They are cat tails but I can see corn dogs, can't you?

Lincoln came home from preschool recently and told us there was a girl in his class and every time he looked at her all he could think about was marrying her!  That pretty serious for a 4 year old relationship.  We inquired if she was his girlfriend and he said yes but we were not to tell Jackson!  Then we asked her name and he couldn't remember.  The first thing he did when Jackson came home was spill the beans about his girlfriend.  So don't ever bother telling Lincoln your secret!   The next few days I asked him to find out her name and every time he'd bring her up it was the same story.  She was his girlfriend but he didn't know her name.  I told him I'm pretty sure Alan Jackson wrote a song about this kind of thing but I'd really like to know her name before they get married.  He had mentioned that she was the new girl in his class so one day I asked the teachers who the new girl was.  Turns out her name is Leighton and she IS in fact his girlfriend.  The teacher had noticed them talking.  Later that week I picked up some flowers and was going to share them with his preschool teachers.  As I was purchasing them he asked me if those were for his girlfriend?  Ha!  No but I said he could bring her one and he certainly did!  It seems I may have a ladies man on my hands here!

Jackson came downstairs one afternoon after playing outside and said
 "Mom, I think I need some of that odor." 
 I was confused, odor? 
 "You know some of that stuff you put under your arms, odor."
Ah, DEodorant!  Got it!  

Lincoln was watching TV and came to me and said "That Walking Dead commercial really freaks me out!"  

Lincoln and I were watching the Today show and the Smucker's birthday section was on.  He blatantly said, "Everyone on this show is 100 years old!"  Ha!  I guess I take for granted that yes, they are all 100, that's why they are on there!

We were on a bike ride near the ponds when we got off to look at a cowbird.  Lincoln quickly told me to "Put a bubble in my mouth!"  I hadn't heard that one before but he demonstrated it for me.  Thanks preschool!  He has another one that covers all the bases.  It's "lips and hips"  You put one finger over your closed lips.  The other hand goes on your hip.  Sassy AND keeps them in line.  I like it!  

Jackson's school had a "dash and bash" fundraiser and we went out to support Jackson's run!  We even made him a sign for Lincoln to hold!  Great job Lincoln!

I walked out into the driveway and found THIS one day.  Neither boy has had much jealousy because they love their little sister so much.  I think Lincoln is finding all this new baby gear pretty interesting and he just had to try out a few things for himself.  Sadly, albeit a little long, he still fits into the bumbo seat!  
 Lincoln's preschool had a donuts with dad day.  They all wrote down things about their fathers.  Lincoln's was pretty tame compared to a few I saw.  One child in particular said:   I love my dad because  "He's bald and he doesn't have any hair."  Jason got out easy on that one.  Lincoln's been trained at what to say!  I loved: My dad's job is "going to work!"  Who cares what his job is, he just knows he's gone over half the day.

There's one more but it honestly deserves a blog all its own.  Coming soon.

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