Friday, April 10, 2015

Rolling in the Deep

It was just another spring Sunday afternoon in Texas.  It had rained EVERY day for the last few weeks and we were just so glad to see some sunshine!  Getting to wear our new monogrammed dress and ruffles helped too. Or maybe that was just Lillian!  

They brought and threw the football and we walked down the nature path right up onto 2 little snakes sunning on a tree trunk.  Then we saw a woodpecker, and a rabbit, and a squirrel, a few lizards, and this turtle!  Spring has sprung and out come the critters!  These boys haven't met a critter they are afraid of!

Well, until we got to the hungry, pushy geese.  The pic I didn't get was of the mean goose.  The one that decided to take a bite out of Lincoln's shorts.  I can assure you he was NOT happy about it.  It scared him a little and embarrassed him A LOT!  We couldn't help but laugh at him.  The goose bit him in the crotch!  There were no jokes about worms made by Jason or I at all. ;)  

Then we made it around to the lake.  Obviously the boys all missed the no swimming signs.  Jason somehow talked Lincoln into WANTING to be pushed into the water and then peer pressure got Jackson in as well.  

That's when it got interesting.  It's never too early to teach your kids log rolling, in a dirty pond where you aren't supposed to swim and it's probably only around 70 outside.  
You never know when this skill will come in handy.  So Jason stands on the shorline and directs them on proper log rolling techiques.  You know, since he's so experienced in it!  

You can just imagine how it went from here...

Sure, he makes it look easy.  (btw, where's Lincoln??)

And that's the first mistake, never try to go backwards.  And never ever look back!!

Ok, let's give it one more try together now.

Yeah, we can go ahead and cross that off the list of Olympic sports to compete in.  

Maybe we'd be better at synchronized swimming instead?!

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