Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dirty Feet, Don't Care

I'm sure by now you think she's always dainty, girly and perfectly clean.  Well, while you can believe she always has on a headband, it might not always match and she doesn't think twice about making a mess or getting a little messy.  She pours out her milk on her highchair on the regular just so she can play in it!  

We took her to the park down the road.  This one has that spongy mulch looking flooring that doesn't move.  It's perfect for a crawler, if you don't mind a little dirt to deal with.  Clearly it didn't bother her in the least little bit.  It was almost like she couldn't believe I was letting her get away with something so scandalous!  I followed her up the stairs which was thrilling in itself.  She thought she was as big as her brothers for sure!

By the time she reached the top of the stairs, her feet were black!  I knew a bath was in order but not before a little more fun was had!  She climbed around on that playground like she knew just what to do but she always looked to make sure I wasn't far behind. She would scrunch her nose up and smile like she knew she was getting away with something!  

THESE tiny little dirty feet are the stuff dreams are made of I tell you!  A moment in time you never want to forget!

She's not just MY arm candy you know.  These brothers of hers tote her around like she is the greatest accessory.  They LOVE for me to bring her up to the school so they can show her to their friends.  They always include her in the fun they are having whether it be video games or playground fun!  The are GOOD GOOD brothers!  

The swings!  A little cleaner and a little safer!  And I get to see this adorable smile the WHOLE time!   Mama's girl, I love the swings too!

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