Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life through the iphone lens

This is my little way of "catching up".  It works.

I made a friend online, we bonded over girls clothing and our daughters similar in age.  We talked nearly every day.  While Jason doesn't believe in "online friendships" I have no problem with it.  He says they aren't friends until you've met.  Well, while visiting my in-laws in New Iberia, LA, we were able to meet!  Now, I'm happy to say we are also IRL friends too!  The girls were so sweet, sharing and interacting and we STILL talk everyday.  Take that Jason!

The boys had "book character day" at school.  We have done Waldo before (best after Halloween clearance purchase ever)!  Lincoln was a natural at Hulk too.  He *might* wear this on the regular even when it's NOT book character day!

Jackson participated in the 3rd grade wax museum and he was Andrew Jackson.  The old trusty West Point jacket came out of the closet to serve as General Jackson's costume.  We learned Jackson a bit feisty and constantly got into duels.  He also was said to have thrown large parties at the white house and it resulted in damages.  
Sounds like we picked a perfectly appropriate namesake!

Girl was PROUD of her Limited edition SweetHoney bubble!  

My own little leprechaun!  She got TONS of compliments on this adorable little hat and she kept it on most of the day!  

The tradition continues!  We have been making fruit rainbows since inspired by my friend Mari years ago. 

(YALL, please note the foreshadowing in that blog from 2011, OMG!)

Girlfriend loves nothing better than to play in my makeup!  She gets it honest!  I allow it only because it gives me time to get ready and I know where she is.  The clean up is worth it!

Big surprise here...we got a new dress!  We had to try it on fresh out of the mail.  It's perfectly vintage inspired and highlights those baby blues!

Speaking of vintage, this bubble was my sisters, oh 30-something years ago!  It's the CUTEST thing!  Yes, mom made it.  See that lace on the sleeves?  Yeah, she made that too!  LOVE!

While watching our neighbor baby friend, we went on  a little bike ride.  I'm no dummy, strapping them in was the only way I knew I could keep them in one place.  They were great, as long as I kept it moving!  

Lincoln had 100 days of kindergarten in the book and to celebrate he dressed up as a "grandpa".  He was surely a cute little old man!  

I can't promise she LOVES wearing her Beaufort Bonnet but it is great for keeping the sun off her face and head. It will be awesome this summer at the beach and the pool.  One day, she'll thank me for forcing the bonnet and tons of sunscreen.  She might be 30 but that day will come.  Believe me, I would know.  I had a hat and sunscreen pushing mom once.  Ah, the circle of life!

Two of my favorite Valentines!  

Excuse me, I mustache you if you're caught up reading the blog now?

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