Friday, April 10, 2015

This Ain't our First Rodeo

Technically it's not our FIRST Rodeo.  We did visit the Houston Rodeo last year also.   It was Lillian's first visit.  Something about 1 week old doesn't say Rodeo so she sat last year out!  These Texans take their rodeo serious.  They even have a kick off day at school so you can dress up like the Rodeo.  

She wouldn't be MY daughter unless Lillian had a special dress JUST for this occasion!  We'd waited almost a year to wear this dress!  

As you can see she was pretty fond of it, and the boots weren't bad either!  Too bad she isn't walking, or even remotely interested in walking.  They have those cute, not so cute squeakers in them too!

She was doing a little closet shopping in preparation for the rodeo. 
"Do you think this hat makes my butt look big?"

No, Lincoln, I don't think they'll approve of you taking your cap pistol in your holster belt to Kindergarten, even if it IS Rodeo day.  This is Texas but even NRA loving, right-wing Republicans have to draw a line when it involves guns and schools.  Let's not push our luck here buddy.

So he laid out his clothes for Rodeo day.  That is Jellycat up there under his hat.  It's his favorite (of 5) stuffed Lions.  Notice he even laid out his socks and shoes!!

Some people at the Rodeo get to eat corn dogs or chocolate covered delicacies.  Lillian was happy just to get her hands on her beloved banana!  

The day we went to the Rodeo  Carnival, it was raining.  Sometimes drizzle and sometimes sprinkle but almost constantly raining.  You'd think that would deter the crowd but not a chance!  

We made our way onto a few overpriced carnie rides and ate a total of 6 corn dogs
 and one fried s'mores between us.  I can honestly say, it was probably enough to last us until next year at least.

No Rodeo would be complete without a little Mutton Bustin' by Lincoln deFoor.  He'd practiced all year for this. He was ALL in.  He said he was going to hold onto that sheep NO MATTER WHAT!  He really did, he slid off the side to a little but you could tell he wasn't letting go!  There is nothing cuter than little kids riding sheep, except maybe THIS smile that shows his most awesome blue ribbon!  

We made one BIG loop around on the Ferris Wheel!  It was WAY up and it was also REALLY rainy up there!

I will never understand why my fear of heights increased so drastically when I had kids but it really did.  And probably more so with every child.  

Great view of the astrodome.  Although it's been sitting for 20 year and the aren't doing anything with it.  It's such an odd structure.

So here's the truth, it kinda WAS our first rodeo.  You see, last year we went to the Rodeo carnival but we coudn't stay for any of the concert series or actual Rodeo competition.  This year we did.  Just Jason and I had a date to see Billy Currington.  He got the Box tickets from Exxon so we had Awesome seats with food and drinks while we watched the Rodeo from above.  We decided that we LOVED the Rodeo part and next year fully plan to take the boys for it.  It was exciting and we really got into it!  

Billy Currington wasn't half bad either.  He sung lots of his hit songs and they are easy country sing alongs!  It was a great afternoon date!
  And now we can say we've been to the Rodeo!  Next year we'll be back!

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